Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taiping, Here I Come!

It is 12.21am now and you know what I am thinking about now?  Oh gosh... it is all my own fault... I was looking through my travel folder and I found these pictures taken in Taiping....

I remember coming by to the town market here to order this plate of tasty... yummy flat noodles! Taiping fried koay teow is totally different from Ipoh, their special is something like this....
I love to have a plate now..... 
*stomach growling*
I remember ordering one packet of otak otak too....
but their barley is very diluted.. hahaha...
Well, I am thinking of making a trip there...
tomorrow perhaps.... hehehee... 
After all, it is just an hour drive... 


  1. We call those wide flat noodles CHOW FUN. Delicious!

  2. hahaha ... well when we crave for something.. we sure will try all means to get it ..
    I have not try the taiping CKT b4..

  3. The Larut Matang hor fun is also known as 'Chiu Chau (Teochew) Chau Kuey Teow". Aiya... I'm going to Penang tomorrow, what time are you coming?

  4. Yes the cha kuey teow is simply yummy and famous!
    Enjoy your trip at my lovely hometown~

  5. An hour is not too bad, and maybe you could look around and snap pictures while you are there.

  6. Re. your friend's comment: Chow fun? Sounds like fried rice in Cantonese?

    Enjoy your trip to Taiping. Nom...nom...nom!!!! Happy Duan Wu Jie! Don't forget to eat your changs, ya!

  7. gigi: yes.. u got it right! :)

    pam: i m not sure yet.. now ajak-ing!
    hahaha... drool only..

    hayley: they are indeed nice! something different..

    ginny: i have been there many times before.. hehe..

    stp: chow fun is correct.. for fried rice, it is chow farn... :)
    Happy Bah Chang to you too.. hahahaa..

  8. Not eating bak chang today but instead craving for Taiping fried koay teow. You must have seen Arthur posting up the other day.

  9. This is CKT from Taiping Casual Market. I like it a lot too.

  10. bring me along too for some makan makan! .. i'm forever hungry.. hehe

  11. guess you must be already on your way now to taiping! happy makan-ing!

  12. eh....go Taiping cari cari makan ? wah... so adventurous!

  13. irene: saw this in my picture folder... hehee..

    yan: which stall is the best?

    kathy: what else to do besides eating? :)

    isaac: hey, all your food is classy one! :)

    lena: come back already.. makan already!

    chris: next time i take u there! hahaha..

  14. wow, i like you!! so spontaneous and so sporting when it comes to food, haha!! but only an hour's drive is ok lah, not far away also..

  15. I read so many of your Taiping post, I never once jejak my kaki there.. must go there to drop some bulu also la..

  16. This CKT is a must to try in Taiping, you can't get it elsewhere.


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