Friday, June 22, 2012

The Best Occasions To Give Your Loved One Some Flowers

The phrase ‘say it with flowers’ is apt for one reason: they help to express someone’s love for another person in such a way that whoever’s receiving them is usually overcome with joy. However, there are some occasions which are better to buy flowers as a gift than others. Timing is important when you want to give the woman in your life a present, so you’ll want to pick an important date in both your and her year to give gifts for her from interflora.

Birthdays are an opportune time for you to express your love and by giving her a bunch of flowers at the crack of dawn is the perfect way to start celebrating your loved one being one year older. If she doesn’t seem like the type of person who likes waking up to find that she’s surrounded by fine thank you gifts from interflora, perhaps you might want to wait until the early evening when she’s awake and free from work. Then, she’ll be able to fully appreciate her gift.
One of the most important days of the year is your anniversary. You’ll want to celebrate the day that you first became an item in the best possible way. This could mean buying her either one large present or a series of small gifts and maybe going out for a meal or even having a picnic if the weather’s nice. Handing your loved one a mixed bouquet of roses complemented by chocolates and champagne while you’re sharing each other’s company is a great way to mark the first day you got together.

An anniversary should always be a special day, no matter how long you’ve been together, and what better way to enjoy it than give your partner one of the many fine anniversary gifts from interflora? She’ll surely cherish her gift for as long as possible, especially as it’s a day which, all being well, you can both remember for years to come. 


  1. I am really impressed with these beautiful bouquets.


  2. i give flowers on vals day to my mum and my wife...

  3. i really don't think you need special occasion to give flowers.. as long as you feel the mood, then it's just nice to give your loved one flowers right?? it can be everyday too, haha.. :)


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