Friday, June 22, 2012

Durians Have Eyes, You Know...

"Is it durian season now?" This is the question AA always ask whenever he wants to come back. Most times, he couldn't get to eat but for the past few days last week, he got what he longed for....

Durian season is indeed on... due to the heat wave, more and more durians are dropping down from the trees. Andy told me that durians have eyes and they are very considerate fruits...

Do you know the reason why, he asked... "Durians have eyes because they only drop during the night when no one is around." True ah?  I believe one, you know...
Ok, these durians must have dropped down during the night then...
Using the knife is not enough, it has to be opened 
with a screwdriver as well... hahahaa....
The harder to open, the greater taste the durian has... right?
Durians do really give out a lot of heat!


  1. really? hard to open means it's nicer? wow! :D delicious!

    Latest: BBQ with Wine

  2. I also kena some durian that is very difficult to open. use screw driver also kenot open. that is why I bring containers to durians stall to ask them open for me

  3. When kenot open, I baling on the floor many times till cracked!!!!! LOL

  4. When kenot open, I baling on the floor many times till cracked!!!!! LOL

  5. fish: that is what i heard and experienced.. :)

    kathy: smart idea! but we already asked them to open the behind already.. hahaha...

    twilight: gosh.. poor floor.. poor tiles!

  6. I smell durian... the 'heat ' is in the air.

  7. arr! me love durian!!! =DD

    btw, please support my video yeah! you can find that in my latest blog post! :D the number of hits and likes will affect my final assignment marks! thanks yeah!

  8. pam: the heat is on.. hahaha...

    xue ren: alright!!

  9. Ya...why do they only drop at night?

    Thankfully, my family and I not crazy about durians...can save money.

    Besides, it's too heaty...can cause heat stroke if overeatand blood sugar will shoot up instantly! Always consume in moderation...

  10. Yes, I also heard of that durians have eyes. Don't know how true it is. Am a durian lover too.

  11. i don't care whether durians have eyes.. because i never care to have an eye on durians, haha!! :D

  12. I can now feel my throat getting dry coz of the king of fruit.. nevertheless, cannot stop eating.. hehee... btw, ripe durian should be able to open easily.. those need to use force wan not ripe geh lei... that's what the durian seller told me la.. hehee

  13. yum yum... I still haven't had my fix of durian. Coz my phlegm hasn't cleared completely. :(


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