Thursday, June 21, 2012

Firefly From Sultan Azlan Shah Airport Ipoh

Time really flies... soon it was time for AA to fly back south after being in Ipoh for almost five days, the longest leave he has ever taken so far...  seriously..... hahahaa....

His flight was around 4.50pm and we left the house around 4pm, it only takes around 10-15 minutes to the Ipoh airport.... It has been many years since I last visited my hometown's airport because it does not cater to many places, just Medan (I think) and Singapore....
At the T-junction traffic light..
turn right to the airport...
 This Royalty banner captured my eyes.... 
the airport is named after our Perak Sultan...
due to the haze, the grass are yellowish... 
eh... under renovation too!
reminded me of Sibu airport...
Maybe it will be completed when I "fly" the next time..
perhaps in one month
The temporary entrance to the airport....
15 minutes before departure.....
till we meet again...

IN less than two hours my handphone rang...
AA has reached his destination... so fast!
Thank you Firefly!
I will fly in you one day!!


  1. Before you can say, "Bye", he has arrived.... and you have not reached home yet...

  2. hahahaa... before i could "warm" my seat at home..yeah!

  3. Hopefully Ipoh airport can fly us to more places in future. At least to Hong Kong or Taiwan, hoh?

  4. The last time I visit to the airport was back in year 2000

  5. Goodness! Now I remembered I landed there in 1973!! I was a kid.

  6. pam: yeah..we cannot be too demanding hor! hahaha...

    simpleperson: mine is way far further...

    twilight: I was there around in the 1980s...

  7. FireflyZ right? I can't think of any other airlines that go in to ipoh

  8. If in KL, we won't be home yet when a person arrives their destination coz KLIA is like so far from anywhere :)

  9. Yes, it is Firefly!!

    merryn: yeah, i have to drive more than 3 hours to reach KLIA!

  10. Here in Hawaii, there is an airport on each island. Yeah, it's a hassle to visit friends on other islands because of the expense of flying -- can't drive. There used to be a ferry, but the government got rid of it.

  11. last year, my girl bought a seat last minute and it was so expensive..

  12. Sibu airport. Still doing it, not completed it...but progress is good. They said September - hopefully it will be so.

    No Firefly from here and Firefly from Sibu before would fly to KLIA...and if ti Ipoh, would have to go all the way to Subang to catch the flight. Such a nuisance...

    I hope Air Asia will fly Sibu-Ipoh one day...

  13. gigi: yeah, i can understand how it is... flights are quite pricey...

    wenn: last minute are expensive...

    stp: i wish for that too! then we can fly here and there anytime we like and have good food.....hohoho...

  14. Are you coming to Sibu next month?
    Go Medan...since there is a direct flight from Ipoh.....I am goin back to Medan in Nov.

  15. Mery, no lar.. not next month.. no flight yet from ipoh to sibu.. hahha...

  16. so many airport are being renovated

  17. Your house is so near the airport. No need to rush and no jam!

  18. Great that now got flight to Ipoh. hehe..

  19. kathy: now everyone can fly...

    kitty: yeah..ipoh seldom have jam...

    cyn: but only to selective countries..

  20. Sound really fast and convenient to fly from Ipoh to Singapore via Firefly.

  21. Reach Singapore safe and sound in just less than 2 hours, wah same like travelling from Ipoh to KL.

  22. Soon, very soon air travel will be like taxi lah,, so easy and convenient,,,,but I don't think it connects Penang and Ipoh,kan?

    hey,looking at your son,am sure that you are a proud mother,,kudos and god bless you and the rest of the family..... I can imagine how tough it was for you to raise them up till this stage,once again, may god bless you with Good health and soon bless you with good daughter in laws and son in law..hahhaahah

  23. yan: yeah..but it is a propeller plane.. :)

    vicky: compared to bus, we have to pay triple and more.. :)

    eugene: u always leave me smiling after reading your comments... i m sure we as parents want to do the best for them as much as we can..


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