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I Heart Winnie The Pooh in Tanjung Tualang

Despite the heat wave and my poor throat, we braved through an hour journey to Tanjung Tualang to have some "refreshing" food which turned out not to be as nice as expected.

There were quite a number of restaurants along the town vicinity selling fresh seafood and so far, I have been to two or three. I was thinkig that it would be a good idea to try another restaurant which we haven't been before.... to compare, so to say.... but alas it was quite a disappointment....
 It was around one when we reached Tg Tualang
and only two tables were occupied...
while waiting for the food, its snapping time....
Extra Large pictures means NICE...
we ordered some steamed prawns....
er.... By now you all should know what this is....  :)
don't want to "startle" anyone here if I mention the name...
vegetables... *yau mak*
crispy fried oysters with eggs....
steamed fish (Patin)
crispy fried noodles with gravy...
my opinion... never want to order this again... 
And the bill came to RM137.00
I Heart Winnie The Pooh-Pooh!!
(out of the topic) 


  1. from the pics, the food looks nice..

  2. What are those?

    And who's that girl? Aaron's girlfriend kah? Sigh!!!! No more hope lah like that? LOL!!!

  3. medie: You must go and try.. :)

    stp: he is waiting for you to "introduce" ... hahaha...

  4. that is my fav restaurant..
    Normally I will order the steam and the fried with soya sauce prawns .. best .. 2 thumbs up...

  5. Thought you bought a Winnie the Pooh soft toy in Tualang. May I know the country name printed on the Tee you wore?

  6. nice all the food. Me lau hau sui jor

  7. simpleperson: i can see u love to eat too.. have food will travel!

    pam: I Heart IPOH! hahaha..

    kathy: when coming to ipoh? I take u there!!

  8. Claire, hubby and I might join a group tour NEXT YEAR that will take us to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Maybe you and I can meet in KL???? Since it is a group tour, I won't be able to deviate from my itinerary, but still I would like to see you. Anyway, it will be next year, so lots of time to think about it. Lol.

  9. Hihihi... Love the match fshirt.. :)

  10. Hey, this is the restaurant i been before and if not mistaken i blog about this too... the yummy prawns make me drooling now... :p

  11. Tualang prawns will be enough for me. Place the dish in front of me, and my focus will only be on it, and perhaps a little of the veg. :)

  12. Yalor. So out of the topic. Haha :D I thought what.

  13. My...the crispy fried oysters with eggs certainly looks delicious. The portion is so huge. :D

  14. Well, it all LOOKS good, too bad it didn't taste as good as it looked. This place has pretty atmosphere, too, I like the lanterns. We love Pooh!

  15. gigi: wow.. so nice to travel.. ok, lets check the schedule then..

    cath: i didnt know till i saw it last night..

    tz: i think the restaurants there serve quite the same style.. haha..

    gratitude: i ended up taking 3 ..cukup!!

    foong: make a trip there!! :)

    tekkaus: that is what i said.. out of topic at the end... :) yes, the omelet was indeed large!

    ginny: we love Pooh too!!!

  16. Winnie the Pooh is very gorgeous.

  17. my mum always ajak to go there and makan but yet to have a chance.. maybe soon... let's see how things go at work..

    get out of topic.. I got a friend name Winnie, and my dad call her "pooh' each time... LOL!

  18. Oh what a cute last picture! :D Miss tualang food.. the oyster omelette is different from the ones in Penang right? I prefer this type, the dry version :)

  19. At midnight Hawaii time, 2-1/2 hrs from now, I'll post an entry about next year's trip to Malaysia and my desire to meet you. Hope it happens, Claire.

  20. The noodle looks good to me, why? Not nice ah?

  21. Ohh I love yee mee...but surprising when I see the pic is small - means not nice.hahahhahah

  22. vicky: cute too!!

    cyn: i think u will love the food there..

    gigi: yeah! From KL to my place is 2-3 hours drive...

    sweetwitch: yeah, penang is the wet version :)

    yan: too hard for my liking...

    ling: it is not so "heong" i say..

  23. The food looks good from the pix that you showed.

  24. Mery, they are not bad actually..

  25. Popin' in with Happiness is hop...looks pretty yummy to me...except the steamed fish NOT a fan ;b

    "LOVE" the <3 tees =)


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