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Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees

Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees
Going to college is the next big step in obtaining a solid career and future. Choosing an undergraduate degree pathway is a serious choice and most certainly not something that you should not take lightly. When preparing for college, consider these popular undergraduate degrees for your future: 


Nursing programs are so popular that there are often long waiting lists to be approved. Nurses have to go through rigorous coursework, but it only takes four years to be an RN. If you are considering a career as a nurse, then you should apply for accredited universities online and local schools as soon as possible.  Waiting lists can take up to two or three years. 

Engineers are in high demand, and the pay is substantial. There are dozens of engineer specialties that range from electrical to computer. Engineers go on to become engineers of electricity, music, sound, computers or even architecture. This field has the highest starting salary of most degree programs. If you love math and science, then engineering could
be the perfect field for you. 

Human Services 
If you love giving back to others, working with people directly or being involved in your community, then human services could be your perfect undergrad degree. Those with a degree in this field work in human resources, with the government or with non-profit organizations. You must have a drive for helping others to succeed in this field, but the rewards are worth it. Many young professionals are becoming human services majors because it is such a rewarding career path. 

Educators go on to be professors, teachers, and administrators. They can teach from kindergarten to 12th grade high school. Teachers are needed for history, English, social sciences, social studies and the arts. Even though it is a popular field for those that have a passion for learning, there is always a shortage of teachers, making it a promising career path.

Criminal Justice 
This field involves law and working with people in law enforcement. Criminal justice majors can become police officers, lawyers, detectives, criminal analysis specialists.  Some areas may require additional education. Criminal justice degrees are a good starting point for those fascinated with law studies. It is important to choose a degree pathway that interests you. If you don't have a passion for what you are doing, then you will have a hard time staying employed later on. Choose from one of these popular degrees, and then find accredited universities online to pursue your degree. 


  1. nowadays, no need to study at all - can order your degree online!

  2. criminal justice? mean police? LOL

    I got once thought of join Police forces, but it seems that the basic pay of the police doesn't meet the requirement of the proper amount . . .


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