Saturday, June 30, 2012

Breath Of Wok In Gunong Rapat

My friends came to pick me up for dinner in Gunong Rapat. According to them, there is one famous road side stall selling the best fried noodles in that area. As long as anything that connects to food, I am all game for it... never mind the half hour journey and turning here and there....

As for the directions, this place is just opposite the school and the village hall....
It was almost 7pm and there was only four tables for this stall..
Only one table was available... waiting for us... :)
 My friend managed to capture this picture for me..
Can you see the charcoal fireworks?
This is indeed called "Wok Hei"
(Breath of the Wok!)  LOL...
This is my order...mixed noodles...
Well, if you like the smell of those authentic wok taste, you can go for this...
One disadvantage though...
If you want to have long conversations with your friends, 
you better go to those shops with shelter...
This type of road side stall is for those who just Eat and Go...
Not for having tete-a-tete... 


  1. from gunung rapat and i never heard of this stall before. Mind sharing the location more precisely?

  2. Gunung Rapat? That's on the way to Cameron, right? Wah...went all the way to eat kah?

  3. I love nearby there,mind sharing what is the exact location?

  4. nicole: along the main road, you can see the school near the market, right? turn left if you r coming from Ampang side.... u will see the stall opposite the school and a hall... :)

    stp: yeah.. on the way to Cameron but not too far actually from town..

    andrew: read the first comment.. just opposite the school :)

  5. hmm hmm, must be cheap and yummy! =P

  6. i like this kind of style! got the WOK-Hei. hahaha yea lo usually limited seat u cant sit there and talk, ppl will rush u away. haha

  7. I love mixed noodles! Must go for fried noodles today!

  8. very rare seeing hawkers using charcoal fire to fry noodles except for claypot rice, sure this must be good!

  9. Really got the wok hei look.See the burnt prawn. I would prefer all noodles and not mixed.

  10. Ren: not too bad la.. once awhile can only take this.. dont take so often.. ahemmmm...

    henry: not only that.. the mozzies can smell our blood! hahaha..

    wenn: i know u miss a lot of our food leh!

    lena: yes, as i said, once awhile ok for this! :)

    irene: yeah, some prefer to one type of noodle.. i always prefer mixed.. :)

    teck: 4 plates plus 4 glasses of drinks is RM19.00...

    kathy: stay overnight in IPOH and i take u there!!

  11. Wok Punya Aura? lol

    looks tasty eh! lucky me no hungry at this hour but saliva dripping lol

  12. kianfai: tissue please!! hahaa..


Thank you, readers!

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