Sunday, July 1, 2012

NANDO Clucked Its Way To AEON IPOH Finally!

It was in Penang when my kids and I tasted Nando for the first time... that was more than ten years ago... and since then whenever we have a chance, we would love to drop by Nando to have our meal because then IPOH did not even have a branch yet.....not until two months ago, Nando came clucking IPOH.... finally!!  Cluck....cluck!!!

A few bloggers (including me!) were invited to attend a "Brunch" in Nando today... (I was most excited when I received an invitation for the 1st time in history! hahahaaaaa...)  Prior to this event, I was looking forward and couldn't help feeling quite excited about meeting with "who's who" Ipoh bloggers for the first time too.... and of course trying the new menu and sidekicks in Nando!

At precisely 11.30am, I reached my destination.... 
 Nice ambience with beautiful deco... 
We ordered these...
Madiera Red, sweet and fizzypomegranate lemonade
coupled with fresh mint leaves...
 What to order... hmmmmm....
Well, I didn't scratch my head for long...'
Dear Jolyn ordered these for us....
4 pieces chicken platter... 
(hey, just nice for my 3 kids and myself!)
as for the sidekicks....
 here comes the sweet potatoes with gravy..
wow... something very different... 
(actually I personally asked for this) hehehee..
and of course there was other sidekick dishes
such as coleslaw, green beans...salad...

Here comes the cataplana...
Cataplana Originale and Cataplana Porto..
Rice with something-something... gosh!!
(I think I failed as a food blogger!)
Another gosh! Just look at that... 
This is called Espetada...
a combination of marinated chicken thighs and red pepper...
with 2 sidekicks... fries and spinach.. (try this!)
To me, it tasted something like "Nann"
and one word of advice..
Whatever you eat in Nando..
Do remember the try all the Peri-Peri sauce!!
Their flavours are so unique individually...
Too bad I didn't manage to snap some of them..
I was too busy "munching" away! 
Here we are... the Ipoh Bloggers and our Nando personnel..
Can you guess who is who? :)
Nice knowing you all...

Thank you once again, Jo..
Hope we meet again someday... 


  1. Melissa loves Nandos. Used to eat in Wellington. None in Sg Petani... :( Looks very nice - maybe I can go and eat in Ipoh one day... ;)

  2. Nando's!!! My favourite! I can eat the whole chicken with garlic chilli sauce, the spiciness is what drives me into loving them.

    You are so lucky to get the invites and get to try a variety of dishes at one go! I wanted to try other food when I visit them, but i couldnt resist the Peri-peri chicken!

  3. stp: so Nando is in NZ too! hope they make their way to your place soon!

    nicole: wow..whole chicken? actually not impossible because their portion is not that big.. :)

  4. The food and ambience look fantastic! Wow!

    Claire, I think the 3 hour drive to and from KL is too long and tiring for you. That would amount to 6 hrs of driving. That's too much! Anyway, I am not sure the tour will be offered next year.

    So I suggest we meet some other time some other place. Maybe, we can meet in Hawaii...?

  5. Nom Nomm...I love Nando too! Bet you must had a great foodie session.

  6. Nando..i tried once when I was travelling to KL to meet my MP's forum friends. I love the food there.too bad there is no Nando's branch at Sibu.

  7. Nando..i tried once when I was travelling to KL to meet my MP's forum friends. I love the food there.too bad there is no Nando's branch at Sibu.

  8. gigi: I would love to visit Hawaii one day!! yes!!

    ling: it was something new to me.. yes, I did like it! :)

    mery: one time i was also saying why no Nando in IPOH and now finally it has arrived....

  9. I was invited too, but I wasn't going back to Ipoh during that weekend. Or else could have had brunch with you guys. :D

  10. wow..that's interesting being a VIP! btw, I hvn't stepped into AEON yet :(

  11. I went to Aeon last Sat..
    i saw Nandos too.. I didn't know that it is the first Nandos in Ipoh...

  12. ken: that would be nice...

    wenn: serious? ok, one day i take u there? hahaha...

    simpleperson: yes, it indeed is the first one in Ipoh and Perak.. gosh!

  13. The chicken platter looks nice. I can only recognise you, hehehehe!!!...

  14. I always prefer nando's to Kenny Roger... yummy!

  15. wah, this nando's in ipoh looks so different!! i didn't know they serve that many dishes?? haha, cos my normal order is just the quarter chicken with two side dishes.. haha!! maybe i should go there and explore a little bit more~~

  16. Ouch I haven't try nando in ipoh yet. There are so many ipoh bloggers. Hope to meet you guys one day!

  17. irene: thanks for recognizing me.. hahaha..

    cyn: KR is also not bad.. own specials..

    sk: i think they have a new menu now.. more new dishes coming out! :)

    andrew: u r also from IPOH?

  18. Long time havent been to nandos coz the one at Subang parade gave very bad service.

  19. Yeah I love Peri-peri. The roasted chicken taste better compared to Kenny Roger.

  20. kathy: hope the Nando personnel will see this :)

    vicky: each have their own flavours..:)

    rachel: what do u think? :)

  21. Haizzz... so nice...i wanna go nando's makan too... so hungry la now.

  22. Hi Claire,

    Please let us tumpang a note to Small Kuching...

    SK, we've actually read about your experience on your blog and we would like to apologize for the undesirable experience. We've shared your feedback with the restaurant manager for his further actions.

    We really hope to see you again and hopefully it'll be an experience to chirp about!

    Thanks, Claire!

    Peri Regards,
    Marketing Department
    Nando's Malaysia

  23. haha of course I know you is who in the picture hehee

    Nando I always order the non spicy 1 hehe :)

  24. cleff: one day.. lets go!!

    Nando: I already conveyed your message to her.. hope all is well! :)

    kianfai: only me? :)


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