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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bubur Lambuk For Breaking Fast

To commemorate the Ramadhan fasting month, my colleagues collected some funds and together we teamed up to make two big pots of "Bubur Lambuk" to be distributed to all working staff in the whole building.

Briefly about "Bubur Lambuk" or also known as "porridge", it is a very popular dish served during the breaking of fast, sort of an appetizer before taking the main dishes.

For our Bubur Lambuk yesterday, the "cooks" mixed the porridge with chicken pieces in one pot and minced beef in another plus groundnuts too and other spices. I didn't really see what they put in because by the time I went down, the two giant pots were already brewing to the brim.....
Being part of the "team" 
I have to make myself "Busy" 
especially in front of the camera...
to tell you the truth.. it was really a hot and sweaty work!
With the burning woods and the smoke and not forgetting the hot sun,
it was really hard work, stirring and stirring 
to keep the porridge from getting burnt..
One hand??  Nope... cannot even stir it at all...
Guess I am not a good cook..
I better stay away and let the men take over...

As the saying goes..
Too many cooks will spoil the broth!


  1. wei sure you tarak curi makan ah ? LOL

  2. kathy, not curi la.. openly makan.. i mean taste la..otherwise how to know saltish or not... :)

  3. wow, that's interesting. You got to eat and enjoy it..

  4. hope the porridge tasted good after all that work!

  5. This is a big pot.


  6. I saw Chef Wan cooking - everything he dumped in... No, thank you. LOL!!!

  7. wenn: yeah..once a year affair..

    gigi: cooking over woods taste better i think!

    filip: giant pots!

    stp: u dont know what you r missing.. lol..

  8. Makcik Minah, nampak pro leh...

  9. Heard of bubur lambuk but never tasted it. Hey, you look like a great chef there stirring the bubur lambuk.

  10. waah thats really huge you seems to be some kind of a witch there jk hoho


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