Friday, July 27, 2012

Prepaid Cards

I remember reading an article about college kids, it stated that parents whose kids are in college, ought to keep this in mind. "Do not give your kids a car and a credit card, these three "Cs" will spell "Trouble."  Now that my kids are in college, this statement comes to my mind every now and then, so much so that I always keep track of his spending.  So far, thank God, he is "fine" and not misusing them where necessary.  But to have a peace of mind, this prepaid cards for kids is pretty practical too.  With this cards, we can monitor and send money to them whenever there is a need to. 


  1. Over here, all banks are issuing prepaid credit cards as normal bank cards, no more the old ATM cards. Technology is changing fast.

  2. thats really convenient i think


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