Wednesday, July 18, 2012

K-10 Claypot In Ipoh

It has been a long while since we last taken chicken in claypot rice. Nowadays it is not easy to find shops using charcoal to cook the rice using claypots.  Too bad these days, we do not use charcoal to cook our meals anymore... they are kind of messy and not "user-friendly."  (Till today, I cannot light up a fire using charcoal!)

Coming back to the claypot rice, we went to K-10 in Ipoh Garden East for our dinner... (anyone knows why it is called K-10?)
My Small Boss...
No chillie, No appetite...
while waiting for the claypot rice, we ordered some 
"Fei Yuen" and "Tau Foo" (fish paste)
 Fried Wan Ton
Very tasty and nice...
Some greens to go with the claypot rice...
at last.... our claypot rice came....
we ordered two small ones for the 4 of us....
If they put more  of this "white wine" in the sauce, then it would be perfect!
As for the price, I would give a "thumbs-up".... 
For a meal like this, it will not be more than RM30...
So what do you say?
There are two K-10 in Ipoh..
Original shop in Bercham
and one here in Ipoh Garden East.


  1. Yummy yummy, it's a pity I can't buy Claypot Chicken Rice here in Ireland. Missing all the food there.

  2. Been to this shop once, not sure if this place is related to the one in Bercham.

  3. ahhh the wantan looks so crispy!! wow u like it with more white wine? haha but if they put more then will charge higher ad ler

  4. kash: do they have this in Chinatown? :)

    pam: both same name.. should be related gua...

    henry: more tasty if more wine.. :)

  5. I like my pictures Auntie Reana... hahahaha

  6. looks good..I hvn't been there yet.

  7. Wahhh so hungryyyyy..... Yummmm!

  8. I'm not sure because Chinatown is about 1 hour drive for me.

  9. Yummmmm!!!! So lucky, your small boss!!! If only I have someone to feed me all the time too... Slurpsss!!! All look so nice!

  10. peter: so what's next?

    wenn: i havent tried the bercham one also..

    cath: jom! lets eat!

    kash: wow..that is far.. better do it yourself at home.. very easy actually..use rice cooker instead..

    stella: sorry.. but it is good to be hungry, it shows good appetite!

  11. Less than RM30 for these meal?? so cheap..definitely cost more than that in KK, things are much more expensive here...

  12. K-10 serves very good claypot chicken rice. This is so yummy. Did you heard of Kampar before? This place is also famouse for his claypot chicken rice using charcoals.

  13. Ur claypot chicken rice reminded me it has been some time since the last time I had it. It's hard to get a good one over here provided must travel a bit far lor.

  14. yup the claypot chicken rice is good

  15. yes, no cili no appetite.

    Not bad leh the Claypot chicken rice :)

  16. agnes: some shops are still reasonable over here..

    andrew: yes, i heard of the kampar claypot rice though have yet to try.. ok, see this week free or not! :)

    ling: u have this before in Ipoh? :) not many shops sell nice ones.. near my house there is one.. lots of people also frequent it..

    simpleperson: u tried this before, i m sure! :)

    kathy: remind me next time! hahaha..

  17. Went to this shop before. I also give them 'thumbs up'. Very nice!


Thank you, readers!

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