Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sakura In IPOH

Going to Japan to see cherry blossoms?   Before you go, come by to IPOH to see the beautiful sights of Sakura "look-alike" here in town..... It is more or less the same as in Japan... hahahaa....
Each morning when I pass by the Hospital Road, I will slow down to admire our Ipoh "cherry blossoms"... I think this is the time of the year where these trees are blossoming....
Love the pinkish leaves...
on the way home, I stopped my car by the side...
and my passenger, Elin got down from the car...
 and took a few pictures of Ipoh Sakura for me...
 So nice of Elin to take a few pictures here and there...
so that I could post up in my blog.. hahahaa....
This is IPOH in summer.....
and this is JAPAN in Winter....
See the difference? 
So now Ipoh is not only offering good food...
but beautiful scenery as well... 
Come before they wither...
It might be very soon....

 ^( '‿' )^

Sakura was in the spring...
When our hearts found songs to sing...
But Sakura has gone away...
So has our love, so they say.....


  1. I passed by that road yesterday with my colleagues. She claimed that she saw it every where. It seems now is the season for flowers.

  2. There is another flowering tree that you might want to see, the Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula). It flowers during the dry season, and the flowers are in drooping bunches macam Chinese lantern, yellow and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa loooooooooooooot.
    Do a google search to see the picture and watch out for the spectacular tree. It's quite common.

  3. Beautiful, Claire! I wish we had them in Hawaii.

  4. Pam: now is summer time in IPOH~ :)

    wendy: what is aaaaaaaloooooot?? hahaha.. ask me to google?? or si tok mmm tak han!

    gigi: i m sure Hawaii have their own special greens and flowers too!

  5. Wow....didn't know that you can get those sakura or cherry blossoms in Ipoh....beautiful. We get lots here in Spring. Claire, I think you can change job now....tourism :D

  6. Wah... really can mistake it for cherry blossoms! Anyway, can dance Para Para sakura down there... hahahahaa!

  7. I think these are the trees that called Tecoma (Tabebuia Rosea). it comes in white, pale pink and sometimes the pink color is a little darker, or purplish-like. here in kota Kinabalu there are already few places with these trees and more already planted in the city area...I can't wait to see all of them grow and blooming (though sad to say, it's not blooming at this time of the year where its supposed to be, maybe because of the heavy rain and strong wind nowadays?). I saw a row of the white ones near KTM Serdang area last year, and was excited to see the white blossoms. =)

  8. Sibu, the season over already - the trees were blooming around June when it was hot and dry...and Melissa was home for the mid-year holidays.

  9. Mary: wait till i retire in another 2 years time! hahahaa..

    cleff: come dance with me! hehee..

    angelbear: hope you can see them soon.. thanks for finding out the name for me... appreciate that! Over here it is sunny during the day and raining in the evening.. that is why the flowers come out "full blast!" :)

    stp: Great that she managed to see them bloom before she left.. now she is over here, she can have a chance to see the "spring" again! :)

  10. It's here too near my place in KL. White and pink ones. Very beautiful. Really feel like dancing para para sakura..lol.

  11. wenn: yes.. once a year affair...

    carolyn: then it is Happening in Malaysia! :)

  12. Claire, you slowed down and stopped by to enjoy the flowers?? You endangered yourself, your passengers and other motorists~~ :p

    We have those blossoming plants in Taiping here :) very beautiful, no need travel to Japan to see sakura *self-comfort because didn't got the chance to visit the rising sun country*

  13. It seem like flower blooming session during summer in Malaysia. I saw nice blooming flower everywhere, in white, pink even red orange too.

  14. Wow! So cool!!


  15. This cherry blooming season is over in Kuching. Very nice indeed but when it drops, the street sweepers will have a hard time.

  16. Wah..beautiful! Makes you feel that you are in Japan?

  17. lol the last pic..
    I tot you purpose wear the winter jacket and take the pic with the Ipoh Sakura tree...

  18. simpleperson: so yim choong meh.. hahahaa...

    kitty: reminded me of the place there.. !

    irene: i think they should leave it there on the ground first..

    sharon: yea, it looks sweet!

    vicky: wow..orange too??

    kathy: your place there got ah?

    yvonne: hahaha..no la.. that area has a stop pathway for cars to pick up the school kids...

  19. Now a days i saw thiese trees a lot.. Wish they could place it in the garden .. But i can see more on roadside...

  20. I heard Ipoh produces pretty girls too..must visit Ipoh one of these days..

  21. cath: i think it is spring in Malaysia :)

    agnes: oh, u must come then.. hahaa.. no la.. i think now everywhere also have pretty cute girls!!


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