Monday, July 9, 2012

Lost In Kuala Sepetang "MAZE"

From the Lake Gardens, we adjourned to our next destination... Kuala Sepetang commonly known as Port Weld those days. Briefly about Kuala Sepetang, it is popularly known for its seafood and charcoal production. Naturally we went for the former instead of the latter... where food is concerned, we are all game for it!

The drive from Lake Gardens to Kuala Sepetang is less than half an hour.. but due to my poor sense of direction, we lost our way and we had to go through small narrow lanes, our cars sandwiched by houses build close to one another... Oh gosh!!

We need driving skills to control our steering wheels so as not to "hit" any houses left and right! Reminded me of a Jackie Chan movie!

Finally, I stopped a young boy who was so helpful... he led us out of the "MAZE" and and back to the main road! Phew!!

I took these pictures while waiting for the food to be served....
 The Two Mamas and one er... "kucing" behind? 
Kedai MakananTepi Sungai
(Near River Eatery Shop)
We have to go up to the second storey...
where it overlooks a river.... leading out to the sea...
From the place where we sit... these are the scenes...
Fishing Village...
Every now and then the boats will stop at the jetty to unload their "catch"
and then they will go off again... and again... till sunset... I think....

Even though the place was quite crowded, nevertheless, the food were served within 10-15 minutes... or perhaps we were too engrossed with the scenery that we lost track of time...

tomorrow post - The Food!


  1. Love the refreshing. I think I will sit there and eat the whole day...haha. Did you go fishing? Would be fun. Why you didn't show picture of the food? You must be really hungry...haha

  2. I alawys go to that restaurant..
    the owner is my dad's good friend..
    hmm as for the price .. I think is kinda expensive also..

  3. Being one of their regular customers, you know the restaurant so well. Can consider organising some makan-makan trip specially for the Ipohan... You can be the tour leader.:)

  4. mary: watch out for tomorrow's post! :)

    simpleperson: i think the price is rather reasonable.. will post up tomorrow..

    pam: then i will be branded the worst tour leader in IPOH.. hahaa.. can lose way one..

  5. Bring me here next time! I want to eat crabs, prawns, lobsters, lala...etc!

  6. wow, u traveled far last weekend..great trip!

  7. Oooo...such a beautiful place! And fresh lah!!! I know Port Weld...and Sipitang in Sabah, not this name! And what's Port Swettenham now?

  8. Oh, that's a nice place to go. Enjoying the food with beautiful scenery around.

  9. Where else can we get fresh seafood with kampung feel-like scenery? That restaurant is famous and it's super packed during CNY.

    I reckon the price is quite reasonable. But there's a few other restaurants around are ok too :)

  10. There is another seafood restaurant on the same street with this restaurant. Have you tried that before?

  11. eh you say MAZE i baru teringat...what happen to our 2pm Siew Yuk ah? Lupa go buy and eat LOL...after lake garden terrus go Sepetang

  12. Nice place for seafood. Await for the photo of the food.

  13. chris: when coming to IPOH?

    wenn: just a day trip! hahaa..

    stp:it is now a fishing village.. very small area...

    irene: yeah! makan makan..

    kathy: how many meals you want in a day ah? hahaha..

    vicky: have you ever been there? u r from Taiping?

  14. mery: yes, not bad.. i must try other shops next time

    yan: no, i must go try that one.. the one with paintings, right?

  15. yvonne: i must go and try other shops next time! always the same old one.. hahaa..

  16. Some sort like Kuala Selangor feel


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