Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tepi Sungai Seafood In Kuala Sepetang

And now..the dishes that we ordered in Kuala Sepetang... frankly, nothing much to shout about actually... either I was too full to eat much or the food that I ordered were not really that smashing! Maybe it is also due to the fact that this is our THIRD MEAL of the day and it was only around 1pm or 2pm....

But I know I was very thirsty and I welcome this cooling coconut .... it was so refreshing and sweet.....
As for the dishes... these were what I ordered.....
the amount of food that we ate... 
the bill came to RM113($38usd)
the place where we had our food...
The road that led us to this shop....
and the road that led us to a "Maze"...
Not to worry, if I were to go again, surely I will know the way now!
Always learn from mistakes...

So....our next trip...
It shall be Tanjung Tualang, OK?
Anyone wants to organize a trip there?


  1. Were the tiny buns served with the chili crab?

  2. xueren: yes.. not too bad if i were not full..

    nikel: gone there before?

    pam: yes..but i dint take them cos i was too full... :)

  3. I love the si ham but not anymore.

  4. Food looks so-so. Wouldn't go out of my way for that...but if jalan-jalan makan angin, drop by to eat...ok lah!

  5. wen: me too.. gone are those days when we can eat those without feeling geli.. hahaa...

    stp: yeah, that was what I said.. maybe i dont know how to order.. next time round perhaps!

  6. I went this place for lunch too on my way back to KL from Taiping, food was pretty nice~

  7. wow, the third meal already by 1pm?? what did you all had so much earlier on?? break-dawn, breakfast and brunch?? fuyoh.. but the food looks good woh, still can eat lah~~ :p

  8. Love the food there...and I love the scenery there too LOL! Town people ...like that lor...never seen the sea before ma :) I dont mind Tg Tualang :p


  10. Seafood, i like. I like the noodles as well. All food looks good infact. May be you haven't digested the earlier meal.

  11. Food not so appealing to me this time. That big plate of mee like not enough ingredients. Looks bare.

  12. Hey, cheap though the price... can never get this price in KL =)

  13. Never been to this place,hey sometimes I wonder how come you got so much time to go and jalan jalan and cari makan one?

  14. You didn't mention whether the food was delicious or not. hehe. Ooo..I'm rubbing my hands together just seeing those siham!My favourite!

  15. choiyen: must see what you ordered.. :)

    sk: if u had read my previous post, that indeed was my 3rd meal! :)

    yan: memang i was still very full..

    june: KL .. salary there also higher.. :)

    mamapumpkin: when u r hungry, anything will look good!

    eugene: wait till u reach my age then u understand...

    carolyn: hahahaa... siham.. those were the days when I ate like crazy!

  16. i love seafood....and that crispy baby crab looks so delicious.

  17. Ooohh...leading to the maze.ahhahah


Thank you, readers!

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