Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Bash In Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh

While Muslims were celebrating their festive occasion throughout the country, my family had our special celebration in Kok Thai Restaurant, a simple birthday "makan" on the first day of Raya...Sunday.

This Kok Thai restaurant is well known for its big dishes and reasonable price but I think that Sunday night, the food was a bit "overpriced".. however, given the quantity they served and everyone were happy, the price was justified.

Guess who is the happiest of them all... at such a young age, he was one "celebrity" that night...
 Aaron bought a FOX brand tee for him..
Cost $39SG = RM97!
I never bought such an expensive t-shirt before!
Well, birthday boy always get all the "privileges"....  
After the birthday song was being played...
let's cut the cake...
As for the dishes, these were what I ordered...
claypot with sea cucumber, mushroom, fish maw...etc..
my favourite dish!
 yam with vege kai lan
 assam seafood varieties
 sweet sour meat
 vegetarian "chu toe"
 roasted chicken
 claypot melon with glass noodles
The bill came to RM260
which was a bit overpriced ...
but they came in big portions...
Festive season is the reason.... 
Everyone had a good time...
In all circumstances, Give Thanks!


  1. Happy Birthday to the celebrity!!! Wah!!! Nice cake and so much food...and presents some more. Hmmm...he's such a lucky boy!

  2. Happy Birthday to the celebrity!!! Wah!!! Nice cake and so much food...and presents some more. Hmmm...he's such a lucky boy!

  3. stp: hope he knows it! eh..why the double comment...too happy? hahaha...

  4. That's a nice tee! Happy Bday to the adorable boy :)

  5. Such expensive lucky got people pamper him. :D

  6. shirley: thanks!!

    tekkaus: yeah, i also envy! :)

  7. Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

  8. Happy Birthday to the adorable boy....happy happy bonding time with the family ma...yea as long as all enjoyed ...pricey a bit nevermind. Quite big portion leh;)

  9. Wow! Lucky boy with expensive tee! I see sea cucumbers. Yums!

  10. Hahaha...he must be the happiest boy in the world on Sunday. Nice family gathering too! I miss aunt :(

  11. Wishing you biggest 'fan' a Very Happy Belated Birthday, he's so lucky to have a big celebration!

  12. Dunno, accidentally clicked twice and two appeared. So efficient, your comment box. LOL!!!

    I really love to see all your smiling faces - nothing like seeing a family together, all so happy. Keep smiling always!

  13. happy birthday to him ahaha as usual foods are great

  14. wow you all seems to have lot of makan gathering...
    the best thing is to come together and have a good time... yay

  15. wenn: thanks!

    elin: 7 dishes.. cannot finish all.. too big portions..

    merryn: if u and i together, must order more then! hahaha.

    chris: next time i take her down... :)

    kash: i am thinking the same too!

    stp: your hands are efficient.. quick..swift! hahaha... yes, family gathering is always nice...

    mecoy: a bit pricey though..

  16. birthdays are always fun. blessed birthday to your biggest fan!

  17. SP; yes, getting together is great...

    missy: thanks!! hahaa..biggest fan!

  18. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. So much nice food to eat. Everyone is putting on a big smile.

  19. yalor, kids nowadays so lucky can have big big cake and feast for birthday celebration.. i remember last time got one drumstick consider very good lah, or else only two red eggs, hahaha!!

  20. irene: for the camera, always smile..

    sk: drumstick also considered great.. during my time, I think none of the above.. hahaha.. too poor!

  21. He is such a lucky boy with good food..good companion and of course cool birthday pressie

  22. Whats better than a great family dinner, right? ;)

  23. ling: hope he knows that...

    hayley: right!!


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