Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Sons Sweating Out On The Walls

All food and no work makes us unhealthy.... hahahaa....

So the very next day, my two princes sweated out by cleaning up the dust and cobwebs which were lying in wait for them... long overdue already!  This mama here here couldn't do it because ... she is short just not tall enough....

Sent out SOS and my cleaning guys were very obliging... they cleaned up the dusty old walls here and there..... and everywhere....
But firstly, someone got to be the "leader".... 
later... somehow... needs coordination too....
United they wiped.... 
and in no time, all the lizard shit...dust... were cleared...
 Worth giving a scrumptious treat! 
Thank you, Sons!
Now...let me think where you should clean up next...


  1. What wonderful sons you have!!! I wish they could come and do my house too... Hehehehehe!!! I will surely feed them well!

  2. Good to sweat out. Next time I may need their cleaning services. Such good sons. Thumbs Up to both!!!!...

  3. Wow so good to have 2 helpers at home!

  4. thats a very tardy job to do.. they are so hardworking :)

    FiSh @ ohfishiee

  5. You have such obedient and wonderful sons!

  6. stp: no free lunch.. after food, must work hard.. :)

    irene: feeding them will do.. hahaha...

    andrew: it is their house too.. :)

    fish: sometimes actually..

    shireen: that is the advantage of being short.. hahaha..

  7. both are such good obedient and responsible boys.

  8. 2 big boys listening to mommy's order! :) Well-trained!

  9. It looks like you have great, helpful sons! Now following you via MBC and would love a follow back!

  10. Very good sons you have. Teach me how you train them lar. So that mine will be like that when they are big. They are very willing to pose for pictures for you right? hahaha.

  11. so manly guys.. wahaha, i think if i were to show off my body like that, it will be fats all over.

  12. Good to get your 2 princes to sweat and help out around the house.

  13. its kinada cute to see sibling doing a thing together

  14. Ahhh.. cant wait for ethan to be old enuf to help me with all these :D

  15. wenn: boys muscles.. hahaha..

    kash: no, they train me.. hahaha..

    tekkaus: i m trained to call them.. :)

    monica: sure will!!

    carolyn: they know me too well.. :)

    isaac: yours is puppy fat.. hahaha...

    eric: they run!!

    rose: after so much food, yes!

    mecoy: yeah..everyone should share the work too..

    merryn: he will do more than that! :)


Thank you, readers!

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