Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeding Her Well In Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant

OH DEAR...when I saw my girl this evening, I noticed she has lost some weight again...  Ever since she entered college, she has not gained nor maintain her weight but instead she has been losing some... But she always assured me that she has been eating well, she loses weight because she has to climb four storey high each day back to her apartment.  Poor Girl!

Ok, I told her... for the next couple of weeks from today onwards, I am going to feed her as much as I could and I make sure that she heeds what I said!  NO missing meals nor nibbling of food.......
So this evening, I make sure she has a proper meal ..... 
I ordered some sea cucumber, mushrooms, fish maw.... 
(actually this is my favourite!)  LOL...
sweet and sour chicken in sesame seed sauce 
My kids love it very much!
Steamed talapia fish in nyonya sauce... 
Another appetizing dish...
spinach soup to balance the meal...
A very nice dinner tonight... I am very contented and satisfied...
Firstly, my kids enjoyed the food.. 
Secondly, a guest has come to town...
And for this dinner.. 
the bill came to RM108 plus rice, drinks and appetizer...
Don't mind paying a bit more for a much better meal...


  1. sumptuous! aiya ... she like to lost a bit of weight mah

  2. sumptuous! aiya ... she like to lost a bit of weight mah

  3. chris, can see her collar bones now.. see also sum toong..

  4. ya, feed her well each time she comes back..

  5. Really? But she looked OK to me? Perhaps now she is leaner and meaner?

  6. Or perhaps we parents are like that...whenever our little ones look thin a bit...we will be worried. haha :D

  7. No worries! Everytime my daughter comes home, she will look like a Somalian refugee... They will survive.

    Student's life seems so stressful these time to eat, no proper meals or is it simply because they are not bothered when there's nobody to get everything ready for them to enjoy?

  8. Looks yummy..Sun lee how fuk is a pretty decent restaurant. I do agree on your last sentence because good food is not easy to come by :)

  9. 34.5899 US dollars for the feast.

    Thank you for inviting us along

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  10. I went through that too...feeding my Piggies well each time they are back from college....even now , I still make sure they eat proper meals when they are back home :)

  11. last time I ordered the pork knuckle and vege stuff roll..
    I have not post it yet..

  12. wahhhhhhhhhhhh fung foo :)

    Drooling jor

  13. It's ok. I'm sure she likes her leaner self. LOL. The food looks so good. Did the special guest enjoy it?

  14. ooooo... love sea cucumber! rich in collagen!

  15. All the dishes looks heavenly. That is a great feast. My son also lost weight when he enter university. Now he is back for semester break, I am also feeding him with proper and good food. Heart breaking to see them so thin.

  16. wenn: yeah, we parents like to see them fleshier a bit, hor?

    kash: hope they know it! hahaa.

    tekkaus: cos i know she doesnt have proper meal there..odd times.. odd meals.. :(

    stp: yes, u r very right.. u understand better.. we parents like to "blow" them up with food.. hahaha..

    mecoy: they are not bad! nice..

  17. andrew: yeah, sometimes pay a lot also cannot get good food..

    cloudia: cheap, right?? :)

    elin: next time you must take your kids here too.. try the sea cucumber, not bad.. RM30 only.. better than the curry bread.. hahaa...

    simpleperson: hey, post them up.. wanna see what's new!

    kathy: next trip to IPOH when??

    carolyn: u r young so u understand.. yes, she wants a thinner her.. gosh!

    merryn: that is why i like too!

    irene: yeah, after all the food we fed them last time, all gone.. now come back, must feed again! :) haaha...

  18. haha, i like the way you mention feeding her up.

    well college makes us thin, but working life gets us all fat again, so nothing to worry about there.. hehe

  19. All dishes look wonderful. All also I like.

  20. Hey dear, I had a full meal but I'm hungry again after looking at these pix. Lol!

  21. isaac: u r a living example.. hahaha...

    yan: yes, i like too!

    shirley: Your meals do the same to me too! :)

  22. Mom is always the greatest person in the earth.

  23. ling: yes..same thing to yourself too! hehehe...

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