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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knowledge Never Ends

When I was assigned to write about metal hose, my own porch hose came to my mind.  How naive I am, not knowledgeable when it comes to engineering products and gadgets. Well, now at least I have a better picture of what a metal hose is.  All these hardware accessories are not my "cup of tea" but it is not too late to know a bit about them, if not all.  My kids are now in the engineering line and as a mom, I think I should "equip" myself with some knowledge so that I will know what they are talking about when they start work in a few years time. :)


  1. Metal hose? hmmmm... must be tough to use.... I know of wire mesh braided rubber hoses which are flexible. Those are normally used in high pressure system e.g. hydraulic hoses as in bulldozer, skylift. the hose is used due to its flexibility where vibration or slight movement is present in the system.

  2. well its never too late to learn


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