Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'LL BE THERE, Pan Heong!

I am torturing myself with the below pictures I came across in my folders in my office computer here!  Actually I was looking for some other photos but when I saw these drooling dishes in Pan Heong, Batu Caves, I am Now Craving for them....

This Saturday I will go get them...   See if I don't!  LOL... Seeing is Believing... As in Michael Jackson's song... I'LL BE THERE! 
 All these in Pan Heong corner shop, Batu Caves.... 
See ye!!
(oopss..unless the shop is closed...then...too bad...)


  1. Batu Caves? The poon choi place that we went to, also in the vicinity...

  2. Yeah, hope the shop is still there when you drop by this Saturday and eat to your heart's content.

  3. Go for it or just do it,either you, I am sure you will be the happiest....

  4. stp: oh yeah? then Batu Caves got good food to eat yes!

    irene: yes..i hope so...

    eugene: my favorite passtime is .... i m sure u know the answer!

    kathy: miss those varieties really..

  5. looks really yummy especially that first one


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