Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Health Treatment To Recovery

Along the streets of San Francisco and a few towns I have come across during my holiday, I notice that there are many banners and signs promoting rehabitation centers for dual diagnosis programs.  Initially I did not really understand what they were but after checking it out in the Internet on this website, I realize that these centers offer treatment to clients who are “addicted” to some kind of alcoholism.  One of the websites I read is Morningside Recovery.  According to their website, it is written that they offer individual treatment plans customized for their clients according to their specific requirements, that is based on the type of substance abuse and regardless of the severity of the co-occurring disorder.  This is to ensure that the client’s problems will be identified and treated simultaneously.  It is written here that at Morningside, clients will receive regular and constant intensive psychotherapy to develop skills so that they can manage and handle their dual disorder symptoms.  It is important that the clients learn how to “apply” these real-life situations by accessing their own disease and recognizing the symptoms they are suffering from.  With professional expertise from trained staff and determination from the clients, they will be able to lead normal lives again. 

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