Monday, September 24, 2012

Tahiti Village Resort In Las Vegas

After snoozing for countless times during the 8 hours drive, we finally reached Las Vegas at around 4pm.... Our accommodation is called Tahiti Village Resort near the Las Vegas airport and walking distance to the Factory Outlets....
Tahiti Joes just opposite the Tahiti Village Resort....
the Lobby in Tahiti Village...
 while checking in....
 the part of the lobby where I did my online b usiness.. :))
the boy in white....
to the swimming pool ... 
but I didn't have time to bask around there... 
the bedroom where we stayed..
it is a two rooms apartment...
the bathroom which can cater two at a time.. hahaha...
living hall which has a dining table and a kitchen.. 
 after resting for awhile, we left for the "Strips!"


  1. Wahhh!!!! Another posh hotel. Tahiti? No photos of sexy ladies in grass cuts and with coconut shells as bras? LOL!!!

  2. 8 hours journey..that's quiet a long journey.

  3. stp: i surely will post up if there are!! hahaha...

    yeeling: yeah.. long journey...

  4. Nice hotel...8 hour is a very long journey. I would be cramping :) But the destination is all worth it right?

  5. What a wonderful place to stay... May be it' time for me to consider switching from budget hostels to some a more luxurious choice.

  6. Very beautiful but it doesn't look like Las Vegas.


  7. Nice and comfy hotel. Walking distance to factory outlet. Look like someone is going to shop till drop.

  8. Nice hotel with beautiful scenery. That boy in white is your nephew, rite? See how big size he is when compare to you.

  9. irene: yeah..cos i m small size! hahaha...

    vicky: that is most important.. factory outlets!

  10. pam: yeah..treat yourself!

    foong: apartments like...

    lena: wow..where got so much USD to gamble? might as well go shopping!!

    filip: yes..we r not on the strips ..

    wenn: not bad .. comfy..

  11. aiyah, nice hotel and nice swimming pool.. but no sexy claire in swimsuit posing by the pool leh~~ :D

  12. wow your really enjoying your stay there huh

  13. wow your really enjoying your stay there huh

  14. wow your really enjoying your stay there huh

  15. sk: i wonder when I can ever be sexy! hahaha...

    mecoy: pays to enjoy.. :)


Thank you, readers!

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