Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Chinatown San Francisco With Family

On the third day we ventured out to Chinatown mom wanted to get some stuff such as the sea cucumbers, ginseng, dried scallops etc etc... that is one of her main attractions for coming by to San Francisco...she simply loves to walk about there, she feels so much at home here in Chinatown... it reminds me of China and some movies made here in this part of the city...
Here we are... arriving around noon...
The park where the elderly hang out...
something like Little China here...
Chinese Statue of Liberty.. :)
Before we buy our stuff, we stuff our stomach first... LOL...
Me with my Nephew...
Part of my family.... 

Ok, the food will be for tomorrow's post!
It is 11.03am here at this moment but 2.03am in Malaysia..
Guess many of you are in dreamland...
As for me, I have to go out to do some gardening now! :)


  1. I didn't see the Chinese statue of Liberty but I love the Chinese gates.


  2. Are those things cheaper there? The sea cucumbers, ginseng, dried scallops etc etc..? Wah! Very handsome, your nephew...can be a Hollywood star!

  3. filip: the one holding the torch.. :)

    stp: aww...not so sure, but my mom simply loves to buy those stuff from there... if you ask me, our local shops sell the same quality.. :)

  4. wow there a Chinese liberty statue thats cool

  5. wow there a Chinese liberty statue thats cool

  6. Wow, how long will u be there? Wish I could go there one day!

  7. Eh never heard the chinese statue of liberty before. Cool!

  8. Looks like you have an enjoyable time in SF and keep us update with your post everyday.

  9. guess can consider migrating there lor

  10. Aiya, ur US posts made me miss SF terribly .

  11. mecoy: the statue behind... :)

    wenn: more than 3 weeks..hahaha..

    andrew: cos it is in Chinatown.. hahaha..

    irene: i try to update every day.. :)

    kathy: now considering.. hahaha..

    montmom: i think i will miss it too when i come back.. :)

  12. Nicee place... Love to go thr one day.. U take care.. :)

  13. Wahhh...those dried food are cheap at SF?

  14. wondering too why your mum wants to get those stuffs there?


Thank you, readers!

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