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Our Breakfast In Kundang New Village

Before we hit the pillows for the night, my friend told us to get up earlier the next morning... she told us that she would be taking us to a new place which she had just "discovered" not too long ago..."Great" is the answer when we heard that... LOL... Not wanting to miss the food, we set out from Rawang around 8.30am, drove through some interesting nature land for around 20 minutes and soon we reached this place called Kundang New Village around 9am... First picture I took when I stepped out of the car... Where there is a crowd, there is Good Food, right?   my friend told me that mostly are local people.. KL nang don't know about this place yet.. I think..   we managed to get a table despite the crowd  and while waiting for the food to arrive, we walked some meters away to get some "extras" ....   this is another stall... we came by to buy some fried meat balls...  such as these... perfectly made....

Bubur Goreng (Fried Porridge) In Klang

By the time we left 1Utama, it was almost 6pm... the best meal of the day had arrived... DINNER!  My friend had made plans to take us to a special meal in Klang, one open air restaurant called Bubur Goreng (Fried Porridge Restaurant)... This is the first time I heard of this and I wonder what was in store for us... So... this is the place... When we arrived, it was almost dusk and most of the tables were occupied... "Let's go in!" Most of the patrons were waiting for their food...  but worry not, the food were served before we "finished" our conversation...  LOL... the Greens came out first.... fresh and crunchy...I like it... next came the fried meat balls... but they didn't taste as good as I expected them to be...   as for the crayfish, I would give it a Thumbs Up! They were very fresh...  cost RM32 and this is what they called... Bubur Goreng... Fried porridge... lots of fried "sotong" and "lard"

Halloween Atmosphere In One Utama Shopping Mall

Our next stop is One Utama shopping mall in Petaling Jaya. Know what? I have been to this place for umpteen times already and still I don't know the way till today! My sense of direction is really hopeless when it comes to recognizing roads. Thank goodness for my good friends, we managed to come and join in the Halloween atmosphere here... Halloween deco at the ground floor... All the spooky deco here and there.... this one fascinated us... when we clapped our hands, these "halloween" displays moved about... the spider doing its Halloween dance... We spent more than three hours here... took 'high tea' in Nyonya Colors cafe, my favourite outlet... then we adjourned to a Karaoke Lounge for a "singaway" but unfortunately, we didn't manage to.. Since it was a public holiday, they charged double...RM30 per person is too high, to spend 150RM just to sing, I think it would be a better idea to spend the money for our dinner in Kl

Trip To Rawang On Hari Raya Haji

Since last Friday is a holiday, I made a trip to Rawang together with my girl... a time for us to "chill out" .. so they say... we went for a night stay in my friend's house and as usual, our main itinerary is the four letter word... F-O-O-D! We reached Rawang around 11am and before we set out to 1Utama, my friend took us for lunch at Keng Kee in Rawang... for the famous Yam Noodles...   While waiting, the "smurf" girl played  with her new iPad... Yam Noodles... but couldn't find any find yam pieces.... all must be "melted" another special dish is the Lor Mee... (cooked with vinegar) followed by their signature freshly fried fish cake... and their beancurd skin fish paste...   I don't know exactly how much this cost but I know it is around RM50-60 including drinks.... Expensive?  I have been here few times and each time it cost around that much..   After our lunch, we proceeded to 1Utama Mall ...

From San Francisco To Taipei and Malaysia

My twenty seven days vacation to California has finally come to an end.  And here I am at the airport in San Francisco after checking in all my luggage.  When I arrived in San Francisco, I had only one luggage to check in and one hand luggage with me.  However after the vacation, I had two "overweight" luggage, one hand luggage weighing 7 kilograms and one tote bag!  At the airport last minute, I had to take out some of my stuff to my sibling's luggage.  Gosh!!  I better control my shopping next time!   What a relief after checking in all the luggage... San Franciso airport during midnight.... While waiting for the plane,  I walked around with my mother and took some pictures.. Quiet and serene.... The flight departed at around 1.35am... and we reached Taipei the next mornin (15 hours difference) around 6 in the morning... Upon reaching Taipei airport, we went for the famous beef noodles... Too bad I forgotten to take some pictures of the f

Texas Roadhouse And Their Bottomless Buns

Suddenly I yearn for western food and it would be great if there is one like this in Ipoh... Texas Roadhouse offers "bottomless" peanuts and fresh oven baked buns!  The ambience was just great to hang out with friends... the service staff were very friendly and they made you feel really at home there! On the very last night in Sacramento,  my sister took my mom and I to this steak house..   famous for their steak and legendary beer, so it seems.. but no beer for me.. .   but fresh buns?? YES!! Fresh from the oven... I think I ate three of that...  already half full by the time the main dish came out.. LOL... for the three of us, we ordered two main dishes... grilled chicken with special sauce... what can I say... now I am getting hungry! My portion.... really filled to the brim... and the prices are so reasonable.. Just $9.90 per portion with "endless" buns and peanuts and of course iced drinks as well!! Just look