Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Breakfast In Kundang New Village

Before we hit the pillows for the night, my friend told us to get up earlier the next morning... she told us that she would be taking us to a new place which she had just "discovered" not too long ago..."Great" is the answer when we heard that... LOL...

Not wanting to miss the food, we set out from Rawang around 8.30am, drove through some interesting nature land for around 20 minutes and soon we reached this place called Kundang New Village around 9am...
First picture I took when I stepped out of the car...
Where there is a crowd, there is Good Food, right?
my friend told me that mostly are local people..
KL nang don't know about this place yet.. I think..
we managed to get a table despite the crowd 
and while waiting for the food to arrive, we walked some meters away
to get some "extras" ....
this is another stall... we came by to buy some fried meat balls... 
such as these... perfectly made....
....crispy on the outside and soft on the inside....
goes perfectly well with the green mint chillies...
finally the food arrived... 
Home made Wan Ton Noodles...
it was such a BIG bowl that it lasted me till Dinner!!
Love their "extras" too...
and the bill for 5 of us plus some "takeaways"
only cost RM24...
Thanks to my friend who took us around or Good Food...
We really had a fruitful weekend...
Having experienced this,
I will Definitely go down south more often...
For Good Company And Good Food!


  1. This looks like a fantastic time! All the best - Monica

  2. Kundang NV? KL nang boh chai leh now sudah chai liao. tQ

  3. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun besides eating good food. God bless!

  4. monica: thank you!

    bananaz: purposely kau lu chai ma.. :)

    gigi: thanks! we did..

    wenn: yeah, it definitely is..

  5. Looks like you have too much good food there, Claire! You just make me jealous :D That meat balls sound very delicious with the mint chillie sauce. The sauce is new to me. Bet it's very tasty and minty fragrance. And my gosh....that's really cheap for so much good food! Even more jealous now!....haha

  6. Wah!!!! Such a quaint little place...and the food looks soooo nice!!!!! I go Ipoh, you take me there...can?

  7. I never heard of this place. But when there are good food, people will storm there. I like those fried meat yummy.

  8. Kundang...that is far. The crunchy meat ball really look good and the home made wantan mee & yong tau fu always my favourite too.

  9. Mary: Dont be jealous.. it is only a 12 hours flight from there to here? hahaha...

    stp: That would be a 2 hours journey and I doubt we will land there too.. hahaha.. no need to go there.. we can go some other place in IPOH!

    andrew: Must wake up early... otherwise no more liow.. hahaa..

    vicky: so what are you waiting for? lets go!!

  10. oh average only just about RM5 per person, that's very economical.. and the meatballs look especially delicious, the extras also nice, but i would prefer fresh wanton than deep fried ones for the noodles..

  11. i was here visiting...

    do u mind if we link exchange here:


  12. ho sik wor the food the. Good looking

  13. the place there looks like ours too

  14. mind to advise the address of this food stall?


Thank you, readers!

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