Thursday, November 1, 2012

Helping Your Child Choose A Business Career

Helping your child choose the right degree for their college education can become stressful. Often teenagers don't really know what they want to do with their lives. Leading your child towards a business administration degree can help solve the issue, since this degree tends to work in many different industries. Unless your child knows they want to be a lawyer, doctor or some other type of career that requires specific training, a business degree might be a good program choice.

What to Expect with a Business Degree
As your child moves from high school to college, they need to declare a major, at some point. Once they do this, they can expect to take basic classes, electives and classes specific to the chosen major. Parents can help their children by discussing the different classes they will need to go through, as they work towards their chosen major. Here are a few of the requirements of most business degrees.

1.  Business Core Classes
Basic business classes are certainly a part of any business degree. They include classes in accounting, marketing, finance and economics. Most of these are introduction classes and will help to build the student's knowledge for more advanced classes later in their college career.

2.  Specialized Classes
Once your child finishes the core classes, along with basic classes, such as English, math and science classes, they can choose a specialty for their degree. This could be a general business, finance, human resources or one of many other business specialties. Within their specialty, the student will take classes to build their knowledge in their area of expertise.

3.  Electives for a Minor
Electives allow students to take any type of class they want. It's also possible to use elective credits to minor in another area of business. For example, if your child chooses to specialize in human resources, they can still minor in accounting or another area of business. This can help add the resume, as they move from college into the business world.

Job Opportunities a Business Degree Provides
Many of the career options for those with a business degree span across many industries. They vary from managing an office to accounting to many human resource positions. Every type of company needs those with specialties in different areas of business. This type of degree can lead to many opportunities and since the degree is necessary in most industries, it's easier for graduates to go from one job to another, when necessary.

Another possibility with a degree in business is graduate school. Those with a bachelor's degree can move on towards a number of different Master's degree programs. If your child finishes a business degree and decides they want to enter a different area of study, they can often use their degree to gain acceptance into the Master's program of their choice.

Many doors open when a degree program is finished. If you want to help put your child on the right path towards success in the business world, you can help lead them towards the right degree program as they enter college. Business may not be right for all students, but it's a good path for those undecided or looking for a program that will allow them to work in a number of different fields.

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  1. my dream is to have a business of my own eventually this would help a lot


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