Friday, October 19, 2012

An Exotic Chinese Dinner Treat By Mama

After 10 days away from Sacramento, we were finally back in the ranch before dusk.  After cleaning up and unpacking, my sister made another "wise suggestion."  She asked us whether we wanted to try the famous Chinatown restaurant or not, to her, it is the Best Chinese Restaurant in Sacramento!  This suggestion put a wide smile on my face... after staying for nearly three weeks, I really miss having a proper Chinese set dinner....
We were early... that was the best part.. the food would come out fast, right?
This is a set dinner offer... 
For $70usd or so, we got to taste 7 + 1 dish...
Add another $2usd, they gave an extra bonus dish.. LOL...
Just look at the American chicken..... super fresh looking, right?
stewed pork ribs with celery...
  fish fillets with greens...
this is special.... it came out in a edible basket!
taste something like our "kacang puteh" 
do we have this "design" here in Malaysia?
then comes the Red Lobster!! 
but not as "giant" as the previous post .. but equally fresh!
this is the Bonus Dish...  $2usd to top up....
For these dishes above with soup, the bill only came to $70plus... 
Isn't that super cheap for those earning and living in US?
Over here, I guess we have to pay around RM250-300 for this set of dinner...
This meal was sponsored by my mom...
I remember her telling us that we should give her a chance to TREAT us!
So sweet of her... LOL...


  1. ok food entry. hungry. (>_____<)

  2. wah...making me drool jor...ho mei leh

  3. ciksuz: me too!! hahaha...

    kathy: kei hjoe mei ke...hehe

  4. it is relatively cheap in comparison. the top up dish is really a bonus..

  5. Yea, food is pretty cheap here if you know the right place to go :)

  6. wow..edible basket! and yummy looking lobster too! Great treat from yr mum!

  7. chinese cuisine in ang moh place.. nice! hehe

  8. agnes: yummy right!

    gertrude: you are absolutely right! my sister knows where to get cheap and nice food.. hahaha..

    wenn: yeah! price also reasonable!

    isaac: Hongkong or China chef definitely!

  9. not sure you can get all that for $70 in Hawaii, but your dinner looks so delicious!

  10. Wow! The food look yummy!! That kacang puteh basket is unique! : )

  11. Cannot convert... At first, I thought $70 per person - then it would be expensive...but for all that, it is cheap...super super cheap. And best thing, food looks great!

  12. the chicken still got
    wow i thought u have quit your job and migrate to US for good..
    i miss my life in US and feel like want to visit my aunty and uncle in US...

  13. Love all the dish on the table, except the chicken. Hehehe~ I prefer fried chicken to steamed one.

    And the basket is so unique! I've always thought we have yam basket, and now this :)

  14. All the dishes looks so great. Ho chiak!!!!...and I am drooling over the dishes, hehehe!!!... Have a great weekend, Claire.

  15. We must compare dollar to dollar and not to convert. Yup earn and spent there would be pretty comfortable. Yummy dishes

  16. Lucky I already have my lunch while reading your post.....The food looks yummy..

  17. Mmm yummy yummy!

    Wishing you a great weekend Claire~

  18. Cheap and food looks good too! Yummeh!!

  19. I like the exterior colour of the chicken, but the inside doesn't look too cooked; it's still red. I need my chicken to be thoroughly cooked. Hahaha!

    I must admit the price is very attractive!

  20. only US$70?? that is considered cheap, probably we are paying more over here.. and all dishes are so delicious!! worth the money!!!

  21. Food looks good! And vy cheap, when u compare dollar to dollar.


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