Thursday, October 18, 2012

Denny And The Man

Among all the fast food outlets, I come to conclude that I love Denny the most!
I've seen Denny along every highway but didn't get to experience
the food until the day we left San Diego...
We came here for our brunch...

Alright, why did I love Denny among all.....
Not because I took a picture with the Denny Man that made me said that!
Well, all I can say about Denny is that the food sold here are ... 1)  Cheap... 2)  Nice... 3)  Up to my taste!
I ordered this... and shared with my sister... 
Love the french toast, omelet and the hash browns!
You know, Denny's hash browns has lower calories too! 
Now you know why I love them...LOL...
 and when you think that is not enough, 
here was what I ordered in addition to the above...
A scoop of ice cream with three mini banana "muffins"
only cost $3usd!
Of course there are a lot more to order from...
But I was so hungry that I didn't want to take any more pictures..
Just wallop first!



  1. omg!! dat is like... so cheap!! and foods seems yummy!! i want ler!!

  2. I guess the portion that they serve is also big that 2 of you can share.

  3. caroline: not all is $3usd... only the last one, the other one i dont remember... :)

    agnes: yes, cos i m a light eater.. ahem....hahaha...

  4. Oooo...I'd love Denny too!!! Drool! Drool!

  5. I would love the dessert too..

  6. stp: u love western food, i notice.. as for me, once awhile ok.. :)

    wenn: me too.. a dessert lover!

  7. I like Denny's, too. Unfortunately, the branch in Honolulu closed for some reason. The food was good and cheap.

  8. We also tried Denny's and were pleased. Have you been to Perkins? You should try that one also.


  9. Looks good. Droolingggg!!!.

  10. gigi: closed bec of poor business?

    filip: oh, didnt try Perkins.. didnt see it around there..

    irene: hahaha... get napkin quick!

    sp: yeah, heavy too!

  11. HEAVEN!!!! that would how it seems like

  12. OMG! I love Denny's! I used to frequent Denny's when I was a teenager but sadly, the outlets closed down in later years. Lucky u!

    Hey Reane, gonna tempt u with this: Lovable Teddy Bear Sandwich Recipe!


Thank you, readers!

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