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What I Did On Third Day In San Diego

A summary of a day spent in San Diego based on the pictures below... a picture depicts a thousand words, so the saying goes.. :)
the next morning we had a healthy breakfast mainly consisting of fruits... 
the ham, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs are partly hidden.. 
after breakfast we went to visit my sister's friend who had just bought a house recently..
It cost $380K with a wide piece of land.. 
such a vast piece of land waiting to be "landscaped"...
the backyard...
avocado.... unfortunately they were not ripe yet...
from the friend's place, we drove along the oceanside...
we didn't really want to get down.. the weather was "super hot"
proven by these people here... 
by then our stomach were "growling" and we had to stop by 
some outlets for food...
while my BIL and my nephew opted for western food,
we the Asians quickly walked to the Vietnamese shop...
Little Saigon for their beef noodle...
Vietnamese "popiah"
plus some other side dishes...
Feeling fully recharged, we adjourned to a military base MCX... 
what else... Shopping again!
SEE.... I am a Good Girl.. I didn't purchase much... actually.. 
This is the place where my BIL told me that I must take a picture...
The very Birthplace where California is "born"....
A long drive back to our resort apartment... 
we stopped over at this Mexican outlet for "takeaway" dinner...
such a long list.. 
all look "alien" to me.. 
eventually my sister ordered this for me...
don't ask me what these are... I cannot remember the name already..
but I know that they are very nice.. with Avocado sauce on top... yummy!
Guess this is a common sight too... Mexican Taco!
Quite healthy in fact... full of vegetables too!

Phew... that was how we spent our third day in San Diego...
The next day we went for a two hours cruise... FOC!


  1. Sure that is all you bought? Got some more hidden in the car is it?

  2. You know.. my bags were overweight when I reached the airport!

  3. Drooling over the Mexican takeaways.. Slurpsss!!!!

  4. Oh...the mexican taco looks good!

  5. travelled so much and ate so much! sure now come back on diet already!

  6. traveling is all about food and shopping..I love it!

  7. i miss eating avocado and tacos its been ages since the last time i had some

  8. i quite enjoy Viet food......

    But western also not bad.

    Never seen an avocado tree before... if ripe can pluck ? hehe

  9. Love the healthy breakfast & Mexican Taco

  10. oh land selling at $380K, not bad. Yes I love those healthy taco and tortilla wrap too.

  11. how long were u in US? seems like such a long trip and looks like u had a blast! Lucky you had your sister there to bring u around. :)

  12. you should wear your bikini since it is so hot!!

  13. OMG..380K! but with a huge piece of precious land. Nice.

  14. The first time I visited an apple farm was in San Diego when I was just 18. I travelled to USA alone, all by myself for holiday. Unforgettable indeed!

    Wah, u shopping for land now?? Hahaha!

  15. good to have the opportunities to try nice food and travelled around the US.


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