Thursday, November 22, 2012

Birthday Treat In Brio's Cafe Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

From Clark Quay, we wanted to walk to this Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel but somehow, we didn't know which direction to walk to... my legs were quite tired by then... walking almost the whole afternoon is no joke for a 50plus woman!  LOL...
we were at this interception...
looking left and right.. and in the end,
my son called a cab... he pitied his mama here..
he surprised me with an international dinner buffet in this 
Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel...
called the BRIO's Cafe in Havelock Road..
since we were quite early, we walked to the waterfront..
to take some pictures as usual....
whereby I can rest my weary legs... phew!!
a very nice ambience for a wedding reception...
then at 6.30pm.. the buffet started!!
this is my favourite area...Desserts!!
so many cakes to choose from.. 
don't know which one to start drooling... lol..
but I didn't touch any of these... too common in Malaysia.. hahahaa...
Took a bit from here...
this is my girl's favourite section!
my first helping... 
after that, no more taking pictures..
the Dinner has started!! 
There were so much food and umpteen choices...
You name it, Brio got them!
This is my favourite too..
"Or Nee"
Yam with lots of gingko-s!!
whatever I like, AA also loves.. 
Thank you AA.. 
for giving me such a Sumptuous Birthday Treat!!
I think I gained a good kilogram that night itself...


  1. Happy birthday! Hope I'm in time to wish you!

    A totally different spread of buffet in S'pore.

  2. Wow...the strawberry cake is something to die for.I love buffet, always can eat to my heart's content.

  3. wow, lovely birthday treat..hope you enjoyed all those food. :)

  4. Your birthday? I thought you had your birthday sometime ago? Or was that last year? Well, happy birthday.... Nothing like having a special treat from one's loved one.

    Ya, that's what I hate about Singapore. Every place is too near to take a cab and too far too walk...especially for senior citizens like us...and too troublesome to use the MRT.

  5. Oh...Happy Birthday to you, Claire! That's such a food gosh! You are sure very well pampered. I think you should celebrate more days....haha....more than 50 days! :D

  6. A buffet by the river side. enjoyable aye. :D

  7. The food looks scrumptious. much fresh seafood. Look at the crabs legs. :D

  8. Happy Birthday to you dear! Nothing beats having a sumptuous meal with your dear children eh? You must be so proud of them! :)

  9. Happy Blessed Birthday, Claire. One year older, one year wiser. Wow, VIP treat for you. You are spoilt for choice.

  10. jessie: still early.. hehe.. thanks!

    andrew: see wanna eat a lot but then cannot eat much after a few helpings! hahaha..

    wenn: if go again, i want! :)

    stp: no wonder singaporeans are slimmer than the malaysians!! they walk a lot and we drive a lot!1n hahaha..

    mary: come to think of it, i celebrate every each day! lol..

    tekkaus: not too bad.. first time ma..

    sweetwitch: they are now grown up.. flapping wings already! :))

  11. irene: who else to spoil me but them? hahaha...

  12. good boy!! he treat you nice nice dinner in return of all your hardwork!!

  13. wah, so "romantic" having the buffet by the river front, hahaha!! should have candle light dinner instead of buffet.. but then that should be reserved for him and his girlfriend later lah, kekekeke!!

    i LOVE that strawberry cake!! so many strawberries on top!!

  14. What a wonderful birthday treat with your boy. Oh I wanna that crab leg leh. I love Or nee too!!

  15. cyn: hope got some more nice nice dinners.. hahaha..

    sk: now no gf yet.. so mama will do for the meantime.. yeah! :)

    vicky: over here in IPOH, no or nee.. very hard to find..

  16. thats so sweet
    happy birthday to you
    and i must sa thats one of the most scrumptious strawberry cake i have ever see

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