Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crowded Orchard Road And Vivo City, Singapore

It was a Sunday when we walked along Orchard Road.... to my amazement, the whole road was really crowded... As a chinese saying goes, "Mountain and the sea are full of people" (yan san yan hoi)... so here we were, joining in the crowd... mostly they are Filipinos who come out every Sunday to meet up with their friends after a week's work....
along the busy Orchard Road..
meeting place to catch up with one another....
and we joined in the crowd... walking and walking along the road...
then we took MRT to Vivo City here.... 
it was also crowded with shoppers... 
an entertainer cum singer crooning to some beautiful songs...
while I took a picture with a golden Santa...
from Vivo City, you can see Sentosa and Universal studios...
but we didn't go there ... just look from afar...
a nice pool to dip your feet in at the top floor of Vivo city.. 
After some hours of shopping in Vivo... 
We adjourned to another part of Singapore... Clark Quay!


  1. Wah Claire, you go kai kai again ar?
    So nice....

  2. Ya...I cannot stand Orchard Road on Sundays. All the maids come out to play...and they go to church and chit-chat non-stop instead of pray. So irritating!!!!

  3. Wow! Sure a leisure. But look at all the crowds in Orchard Road and Vivo City I also dizzy and stress.

    Never been to Vivo city. Must visit when I have the chance. Hope to go next December. :p Nice xmas decoration.

  4. I can't stand crowded places. Nice view of Sentosa & Universal Studios.

  5. hayley: that was a week ago.. hahaha...

    stp: once a week to meet up and chat, it is natural that there are lots to talk about.. give a break.. hahaha.. I think if we work overseas, we also will feel like that.. talking non stop to our fellow citizens.. :))

    rose: Singapore really has the christmas atmosphere each year! :)

    irene: maybe now we are not spring chicken anymore.. so we opt for more quiet places.. hahaha..

  6. Welcome to the crowded Orchard, dear! Near X'mas is worst, u can hardly walk. Lol!

  7. hehehe, sunday is of course crowded there lah.. most probably everyone is heading to orchard road on that day, haha~~

  8. shirley: yes, i have been there before in December two times.. love going to sg during this time of the year..

    sk: yeah.. the happening area!

    kathy: aiyoh.. only 1 month leh.. .

  9. Amazing Singapore..a small island with millions of people..

  10. well i bet there are thousands of filipinos there im just happy that even in distant land they found themselves at home with the help of filipino community there

  11. anglers: yes, I am amazed with Singapore too!!

    mecoy:yes, after a week's work, it is nice to catch up with one another during the weekend...

  12. Wah go shopping again. Really yan san yan hoi with to maid.

  13. vicky, very happening in Orchard Road.. :)


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