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Damian's Kisses In Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackes

I am currently watching this latest series every evening from 8.30pm...  "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" is delightful to watch.. hahaha... at least for me... love watching chinese dramas that involves family affairs and this one is no different because the man of the house has 5 WIVES!  :)
image taken from here
Hero is Damian Lau....
such a lucky man cos he has 5 beautiful wives..
and being "directed" to have kissing scenes with a
four of the young actresses!  LOL...
 (courtesy picture from here)

My first  Chinese TVB series was in the late 1970s... the first show I watched was acted by Damian Lau, the above.. he was very young and cute then.. now he is in his early 60s and I in my early 50s.. hahaha.. that is why I love to watch his latest series... I want to see how he handled the 5 wives.. hahahaa....


  1. hahaha, i have been watching this series too.. but i think some of the times it's a little bit boring.. i prefer the other one "The Confidant" more, i just like the Ching Dynasty series..

  2. sk: I am watching the confidant now but i don't quite understand without the subtitles..haha...

    wenn: more stress!! hahaha..

  3. I think there was a tv sit-com by that name long long ago - but not Chinese, American...Silver Spoon.

  4. We don't have this show here, but if you like it, I bet that I would too. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So sorry i'm a day late!

  5. Gone Astray no got Astro. Why pixz showed only 4 wives and also kissing part also 4 wives. Where is the 5th? haha.

  6. Oh so his name is Damian Lau haha seen his movies, great actor. Problem with us bananas is we can't read the names of the actors or actresses during the starting mostly in Chinese. May have asked Mango for the names but forget the next day too many names numb the memory.

  7. Bet my bottom ringgit if Bananaz were to say Damian Lau to Mango most certainly she will answer 'Damian who?' Had the same problem with this two famous actors Tony Leong & Tony Leung as Bananaz dunno their full Chinese name and Mango doesn't know their English names so how? We are both confused by each other..lolz

  8. So after some time surely and slowly we both get the names correct either by mentioning the movie name or the full name. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai or Tony Leong Kar Fai, case closed!

  9. bananaz: actually i also dont know who Damian Lau is till I read the online news.. I only know him as Lau Chung Yan.. :) Oh, you know.. he kisses the last 3 wives only.. the other 2 older ones, he was not directed to.. hahaha...

    stp: yeah..silver spoon.. i heard of it too.. long time ago tv movie, i think...

    Ginny: yeah.. bet you dont have this kind of HK show.. even if you have, all will be dubbed in english? :)

  10. 5 wives? I thought he has 4 wives only?

  11. Hmm...not really keen on drama like this coz the ones evil will be super evil...

  12. I thought he only has 4 wives. So, who is the 5th ?????

  13. You know, I'm so sakit hati to watch this series. In real life, love is blind and it happened too.

  14. indeed a lucky man haha 5 wives was that even allowed?
    i was kinda bother with the second kiss scene haha

  15. choiyen: one more appearing already.. :)

    kathy: u better not start.. once start to watch, u dont have time to read.. hahaha...

    kristy: the salesgirl cum pro... :) only appeared in the recent 2 series..

    mecoy: hahaha..i was very astonished too!

  16. I gave up this series jor... very the cheong hei.. :p

  17. He has 4 wives and the last one is not his wife, more like a mistress. I'm following this series, but sometimes it's kinda draggy =(


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