Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's Do This Again In Secret

Got these pictures from my colleague... She gave me a Sweet Birthday Treat in Secret Recipe and we had a wonderful time during lunch.... how wonderful is wonderful?  hahaha.... Well, it is always wonderful to go out and have a good time especially when you don't have to pay a single cent..... hahahaa...
oh gosh!  See how BIG my mouth is!!
my meal...another grin...
and she ordered these for me too...
of course, we shared our desserts!
Chocolate Indulgence....
Turkish Indulgence!!
My Favourite!
Ok, let's get serious and eat.... hmmmm....
and after the food and "burping".....
another session again...
"Presenting........ she and I...
Thank you, friend...for such a lovely sumptuous lunch...
Let's do this again next year.... LOL.....


  1. chocolate indulgence!! one of my favorite cake from secret recipe, yummy yummy.. errr, big mouth good mah, can eat everywhere, haha~~ :p

  2. I also agree with you Claire, on the definition of 'wonderful' ;)

  3. sk: olden days, older people dont like ladies with big mouth... :)

    kathy: how to lose weight like that? :)

    hayley: hahaha.. wonderful lunch...

  4. wow, so nice of her..secret recipe, great!

  5. So nice and sweet of your friend to give you a treat on your birthday. I wonder if they have the Turkish one here yet or not...

  6. Such a nice celebration! I always prefer to spend quality time with good friends than to have big parties with people you can hardly have chance to talk to. Have a great one!

  7. wenn: i agree!! :)

    stp: do check it out.. hope you love it!

    sweetwitch: yes, big parties make me shy too.. hahaha...

  8. Nice celebration and the great company. Hope many more to come.

  9. this is some sort of torture to me haha
    i mean those were such my most love foods waah
    i must have some by now but icant haha

  10. Secret Recipe cakes are simply nice. I miss it very much.

  11. hehehe .. yes I agree .. foc food and have a great time...

  12. free wonder you so happy! haha! i must also try the turkish indulgence one day. Today also i went to secret recipe, tried their chicken cornish, so-so only.

  13. Lena: I think their cakes are worth eating only.. the others are just side orders.. :)

    sp: yes!! :)

    mecoy: why cannot try?

    irene: yes.. hope many more.. :)

  14. Love the Chocolate Indulgence! Happy belated bday, Reana!


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