Sunday, November 25, 2012

Results To Method Giveaway

Another thing I almost forgot is my Method giveaway results!  Oh gosh, how "young" am I getting???  Please excuse my absent-mindedness, my friends... maybe the traveling from north to south and back to north has taken some memory drive from my grey cells!  LOL..

Back to my topic, here are results to the giveaway.... before I do, I must say thank you to all who came by to comment and to "rescue" their family/friends from heavier washing and coarse hands..

1) Cynthia Tan
2)  Mamakucing
3)  Sheoh Yan
4)  Henry Tan
5)  Elin

The above winners, please send in your email and your contact number to me so that I can forward to the sponsor for further details.   You can email me at reanact(at)  Thank you.


Thank you, readers!

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