Friday, December 14, 2012

Elin's Early Christmas Gift From Metrojaya

Someone gave me a lovely gift when she came back from KL after a "booking spree" in the BBWolf.... I told her that I would only open it on Christmas day but unfortunately, I couldn't keep my word!  Each time I opened my office drawer and there it is, the lovely present paper "glaring" back at me....
in the end, my temptation overcame me...
and the paper was finally "stripped off"......
and here is the lovely.... sweet.... cute .... baggie!
Just nice for me to put in 
my handphone, camera and my wallet, my keys.....
especially when we go out for our FOOD!
This is indeed very handy for me!
Thank you, Elin!


  1. you should have keep it somewhere you cannot access easily, then only you can keep it unwrapped till christmas.. but there is a risk also, risk that you may forget about it and forget where you've kept it!! :D

  2. sk: u r perfectly correct! that is what i fear! hahhaa...

  3. Hey!!! You're not supposed to open it till Christmas. Hahahahaha!!! Dear Elin, so sweet and thoughtful as always, such a great friend.

  4. good thing you got a present as early as this huh

  5. Nice Christmas present from Elin. Yes, this type of bag is so convenient. Can dump everything into it.

  6. irene: yes.. dump everything in.. hehehe...


Thank you, readers!

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