Thursday, December 13, 2012

Neobun Works For My Aching Back

I knew something had gone wrong the moment I coughed out hard due to the red chilli stuck in my throat...

That very morning I was having breakfast taking fried noodles when all of a sudden, I had to cough with my legs entwined and crossed... and at that moment, I felt a stab of pain behind my back... "Oh, oh.. cham! wrong angle to cough" ... and true enough, when I stood up, my back was sort of "hard".... "stiffened."

The next day 12.12.12, I woke up with the difficulty.. the pain at my back was excruciating... hmmmm... I had to adjust my angles of sitting up and standing.. from my waist down, the pain was like .... STIFF..

From that moment onwards, I walked like a Donald Duck....till.....
I bought this... a Giant Plaster...
How Giant is the Plaster?
See the keyboard?  The Big Plaster is nearly half as Big!
Yes, it helps... it covers the whole area of my .. er... lower Back Bone...
RM1.60 per piece...
and I am going to get another two pieces...
The Salonpas is too small for my Big Back...

Moral of the post :  Do not cross your legs when you want to cough!  hahahaa....


  1. aiyoh your 12.12.12 wasn't so nice at all huh?? so are your aching feeling better with that giant plaster??

  2. Aiya press 'ctrl alt del" to get rid of the pain hahaha gotta be careful must not stick for too long. Pain gotten rid off but then gain a bonus with rashes instead if you have sensitive skin.

  3. sk: yes.. definitely better esp during the daytime..

    bananaz: yeah,i get what you mean.. itchy itchy.. dont stick overnight.. sure gatal one.. :)

  4. Oh..never know about this brand..better check out at pharmacy and get it for my mom.

  5. that helps if one has stiff neck, shoulder or back pain.

  6. Go see Chinese sinseh for massage treatment. Sticking those things do not cure, just temporary relief

  7. I am sorry!!! It doesn't take much for our backs to go out and you never know what will do it! Does this give you heat? How long does it last?

  8. Hi Reana, regret to read of your back problem.
    One of the worst pains we can experience is back pain.
    I have suffered 3 times all my life, twice in Canada.

    And yes, only one word can describe a back pain, EXCRUCIATING! One time my wife had to help me get out of bed, out of chairs wherever, sitting, bending was a real backstabbing pain.

    I used that Japanese koyok on my back, as well upon advice from a German grandmother friend, I took Vit. E
    tablets and surprisingly, in a matter of two weeks, the pain had gone.
    Anyway, best have it checked by your doctor, go for a complete medical, Reana.
    You take care, ya.
    Best regards, keep a song in your heart.

  9. I tot I saw the Salonpas with big piece... anyway, me also started using that this year jor.. :p

  10. Jepun koyok is good for stiffness of any kind but I still think you need a good massage.

  11. mery: I heard got pedas one also!:)

    wenn: helps to relieve..

    stp: massage liow.. going for another one soon! :)

    ginny:yes, it is a sticker.. it helps to relieve only..

    U.Lee: so we are in the same era.. Vit E helps? To lubricate the joints perhaps...

  12. cyn: hey.. u still very youthful wor.. hehehe..

    irene: i went for one already.. thought of going for another one soon!

  13. i need that to ease my back ache

  14. I did not need these kind of plaster when I was still in my 30s..I need them more often now..age is catching up on me..scary..

  15. Aiskkk..i need this now. Last night was sitting on the floor doing crafting with my girls. Now my back is aching,

  16. oh dear... have you try go for urut ?

  17. hope it heals soon ya, do take care !

  18. Oh so 121212 is not a good day for you lo?

    Hope you'll feel better soon~

  19. hayley: i m better today! thanks!

    isaac: thanks!


Thank you, readers!

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