Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Three Kids' Toys

I have three soft toys which I don't have the heart to throw away even though they have been "collecting dust" for many years now... hahaha... that shows how "hardworking" I am towards dusting and cleaning ...

Actually these three toys belong to each of my kid... can you guess which belongs to who?  hahaha..
Let me tell you..
On the left... brown doggie belongs to my girl...
Middle cute doggie belongs to eldest son...and the dinasour is Andy's favourite...
Among the three, this one is the cutest!
Love the big and flat face...
maybe reminds me of myself... hahaha....


  1. you also sayang your eldest son the most lah?

  2. Sayang cannot be weighed.. so not sure who has the heaviest.. hehehe...

  3. The middle one looks cute but I don't like the pimples.

  4. hahaha.. I never thought of that too.. maybe they are dust.. hahaha..

  5. that was so cute well in my case i like that dino better haha

  6. mecoy: each have their own likes! :))


Thank you, readers!

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