Friday, December 21, 2012

Red Cherries

The first time I tasted red cherries was last year in my brother's house.  They were so sweet and of course, expensive as well...   Ever since then I haven't thought of eating them till I saw them for sale in Jaya Jusco and I bought one packet home...
It cost RM19.90 ($6usd) 
Not cheap but then the last impression left me ignoring the price...
And I bought a packet home...
Washed and soaked them with a bit of salt for a few minutes...
And popped some into my after another...
The taste?
Sigh...not what I expected them to be...
They were not as sweet and in fact a bit sourish...
Maybe I need to keep few more days for them to ripen up?


  1. i love cherries too, and yeah, i agree with you, they are quite expensive.. hmmm, i think the australian cherries may not be nicer than the USA ones..

  2. Yeah, next time I will try the US ones..

  3. I hardly take cherries but I would prefer sweet ones than sourish ones.

  4. I am really fond of eating cherries for the fact that it is not readily available here the Philippines and it quite pricey.

    I saw your blog in Bloggers' Exchange official list. I hope you won't mind if I leave several comments here. I am working as a Blog Commenter and I have chosen your blog to comment.

    Thanks so much :)

  5. wenn: yes.. the sweet ones are very nice actually.. must try again some time..

    rovie: thank you for coming by.. i will hop over to your blog too!

  6. 'October Cherries' came slightly late in Dec. Wow real red..ang ang bo hai lang.

  7. Maybe they were not good cherries! Phil loves cherries and buys them whenever he can find them. The very BEST high class cherry is called Ranier, they are bright yellow, they are considered really must try to find them!

  8. Never taste cherries before. Guess they are not ripe enough, that's why it has a sourish taste.

  9. I never try this before, it must be good.

  10. i love cherry's not just the taste but the appearance as well

  11. Lots of cherries in NZ, in season...but I'm not a fan. Missus and daughter enjoyed eating.


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