Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Uncle Cooling Coconuts

Whenever we come back from outstation each time, we would like to stop by this Uncle Coconut for a refreshing nutrients drink! If you come by the Kampong Simee way, you will see this Uncle manning his man-made stall just opposite his own house.. besides coconuts, he sells sweet papayas... and you can either sit under the big shaded tree to enjoy the fresh and pure coconut water....
I call him Uncle Coconut.. 
he used to be very stern but nowadays he is friendlier...
love the freshness of the coconut flesh!!
One coconut cost RM3 ($1usd)

Here we are.... quenching our thirst at the roadside....
Less than 50 meters away, there are a few durian stalls doing good business..
So...what other best way to "kill" the heat from the durians we eat?
Cooling Coconut!!


  1. Melissa had one at the park here the other day - not young enough. I prefer the flesh still translucent, very very soft.

  2. Very quenching and refreshing drink especially the very young ones. Me love it too.

  3. Oh cool cool nut or kokonut haha. Wah RM3 for one now. Have not eaten fresh ones for many many years they say got 'wind' woh. Actually if those freshly plucked from the tree got no 'wind' only those over night will have.

  4. Coconut water is such a nice drink! Regardless of weather, hehe!

  5. My favourite drink. When i cannot buy a good one, I will buy the can drink.

  6. the coconut is fresh!! and only RM3 each, that is cheap.. here the cheapest found is already RM3.50..

  7. It is nice you have this place that you can always count on for good fresh fruit!

  8. stp: me too.. like the flesh melts in the mouth! but i also like those half young half old.. if you know what i mean! hahaha..

    bananaz: heard it is good for cancer patients too.. nutrients..

    hayley: i agree with you!

    willie: got can coconut drink? oh..dint know that..

    sk: if in shops i think RM5!

    ginny: yes, I love coming by here esp on hot weather.. i could take 2 coconuts at one go.. :)

  9. Very refreshing coconut juice. I always love it in chilled.

  10. I will normally stop at the roadside near my house to get coconut water. My girl likes the 'flesh' and she will ask for it if she is having feverish body.

  11. Coconut drink is the best for hot hot days! I enjoy the drink fresh from the fruit, no added sugar, ice and preservative!

  12. vicky: i drink it straight from the nut.. hahaa...

    cyn: pandainya..

    yvonne: yes.. none as mentioned.. :)

  13. i preferred the sweetened coco juice haha

  14. I love coconut everything except the husk. Coconut water is very good and cooling and I will always finish the coconut flesh as well.

  15. mecoy: u must try the fresh coconuts, you wont regret! :)

    qp: I ditto to that.. hahaa..


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