Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Kind Of Cocktail In Las Vegas

Sitting here all alone this evening, I spent an hour "rummaging" through some folders on traveling and these pictures below caught my eye.... couldn't help not posting them up in my blog.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to visit a few places while I was in the states three months ago.  If I have an opportunity to travel again, I would love to go Las Vegas once more. 
This is one landmark which most tourists must take a picture.  I remember taking this picture after watching the Michael Jackson tribute and it was very late at night when we stopped by here to take the picture.
Along the strip, I managed to capture some beautiful designs of the hotels and apparently, this one looks like Paris!  I was inside the moving car when the pictures were taken and that was why the "awkward" angle... LOL..
I remember this cute doggie, we were queuing up to collect our tickets for the MJ concert then.  So nice and hotel-friendly, even pets are allowed in the casinos!
This is one concert I will always cherish... not even a minute of boredom but an hour of excitement and feeling gratitude to our late Michael  Jaackson for leaving his legacy in our hearts...

The first cocktail I have ever drank, I love it!  A mixture of passion fruits and and gin?  I am not familiar with alcoholic drinks but I love drinking it once awhile.  A little bit of wine is good for our bodies! :)


  1. Pleased to hear you like cocktails and Vegas. We have also been there a few time, but each time when we are there, my wife says, this is the last time for the next ten years. I wonder why?


  2. i may have love vegas but i dont like cocktails haha

  3. filip: she plays in the casino most of the time? :) or maybe the place too crowded for her?

    mecoy: cocktails is nice to drink but after awhile, you can feel it up in your head.. :)


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