Thursday, December 6, 2012

Home Improvement By Andy Again

For many weeks, my bathroom is door-less.. the hinges have worn out and I was so worried that one day the door would come tumbling down... I didn't call hired help because it was not that "serious" and I would be charged more than it is worth...

When Andy came home and saw my broken door, he told me that he would do it before he goes back to college... that very morning after a yummy breakfast, we went to get the necessary parts, hinges and screws... and all it cost was only RM2 for the stuff!!  Gosh.. how cheap!! 
Jack of All Trades!
I really love to have a handyman around the house!
 In less than an door was fixed...
Finally my bathroom has a door once again! 
And it only cost RM2 without labour charges... hahahaa...
Thank you, Anak!



  1. So good to have a handyman hor...No wonder my wife always kick me to do this and do that around the house.

  2. He is a good son, and a handyman also!!

  3. Men must know all those stuff. Too bad the man in my house doesn't :(

    Er, my bathroom door is spoiled already. Mind to borrow the handyman of yours, kekeke~

  4. Handy Andy .... It's lucky to have a handyman at home.

  5. Your son knows how to do every thing. Truly blessed and so lucky of you.

  6. wow, so you have been bathing with your doors opened like in the nature?? hahaha.. yeah, just RM2 and got everything fixed, how nice!!

  7. not one but two handyman..ehehhehe. Aaron also.

  8. good thing you have that hANDY man
    haha you have saved a lot of money for that

  9. andrew: i m sure she appreciates u too!

    ginny: the handyman can.... :)

    yvonne: hehehe.. i must ask him first...

    vicky: but must know how to wait patiently.. hahaha..

    irene: training in the house first.. :)

    sk: heheeh.. dont imagine too much!

    yeeling: simple jobs ok.. not the complicated ones.. :)

    mecoy: minor repairs it is difficult to hire others..

  10. You know Claire, you are blessed. It's great to have a guy in the house who does the handy works... I choose not to do it myself, nor do I want to learn. Haha... because I am traditional in this sense that it is a man's job. Nice pic of your (eligible?) son topless fixing door... good ad for any potential girls out there? Hehehe

  11. irene... part of advertising, eh.. hehehe..

  12. So good, your son... This one's got girlfriend already, right? Hehehehehe!!!

  13. Your home looks good! I hope my trio pasadena would be as gorgeous as yours as well. DIY projects are the best way to save money and improve a home.

  14. Doing home improvement can help you save money from your monthly budget. It also teaches you some basic repair skills which you have to learn if you want to live in apartments in Birmingham AL or some other residential place.


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