Friday, December 7, 2012

My Own Entertainment World

It is Friday again!!  Phew.... I really welcome this weekend, a time to relax and rest my weary bones.  But one thing though, this is the time of the year where spring cleaning needs to be done in the house... sigh.. thinking of that really turns the mood off....

Need to take out the vacuum to do some stuff.. hahaha.. ok, lets not dwell in this moodiness of housework!  As usual I am always glued to the computer and this lunch hour, I surfed the Internet to "liven" myself up.... and here I am ... "making my own booster dose!"  LOL...
I don't have a chance to be in the limelight....
To boost up my ego, I did myself a favour... 
Call me "Big Head"....
But this really cheers me up on a dreary rainy day, such as this.... LOL...


  1. I oso no chance to be in the limelight. LOL. Mebbe I will go and boost my ego a little bit too! :D

  2. A little ego boosting never harms anybody. Happy Friday! :)

  3. What a smart idea!......haha. It looks very real! :D Totally agree with you.....housework just kills my mood :P Both of us need a magic wand like the fairy godmother in Cinderella....haha. I have a friend who just loves housework......weird huh. Now I'm not sure whether she is mad or I am mad....LOL. Never mind, I think I'm just lazy :P

  4. Real or bluff, you still look terrific and that's real. Hehe.

  5. cleff: passing time work.. hahaha..

    missmall: once awhile we must be "egostic".. hahaha..

    mary: those who loves housework are super neat people, I tell u.. and that is definitely not me.. hahaha..

    MG: hey.. now i feel BIG headed!! hahaha..

  6. you left out pictures of your red heels!

  7. Gosh, you made yourself in a magazine! And you are pretty enough to be in a big national one, especially with your beautiful smile! But I LOVE those red shoes!!!

  8. Think of housework makes my mood down. Can never finish doing housework. And worst when CNY comes, everything big or small also have to clean.

  9. whoa thats cool clare i love it it seems so real
    and you look perfect there

  10. How you did that? I will like to do it for myself too, it looks so real, can teach me?

  11. doc: definitely not mine.. hahaa...

    ginny: me too..i love them too but cannot wear! :)

    mecoy: i think so too.. hahaha..

    irene: sigh.. wishing for a maid at this time.. hahaha..

    stp: not bad hor.. hahaha..

    libby: just go photofunia! u love it!


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