Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Wedding To Remember At Hei Loi Tang, Ipoh

It was a night of entertainment... firstly, the songs rendered by a male singer followed by a Maria who sang like the real "Maria in Hongkong" followed by good food.. and then the real fun ended with Gangnam Style Dance!
My cousin's wedding in a restaurant booked one year in advance...
Before food... the camera started clicking...
Caught hold of the "bridegroom" before the bride came...
The Blessed Couple.. 
Congratulations to them!
In the midst of Food, the Entertaining Duo....
Age is no barrier...
"Maria" performing the Gangnam Style Dance!
and once she started... more and more went upstage to join her... 
And now.... let's look at the younger generation...
These three youngsters belong to the older generation below...
Can you match the younger faces to the older faces here? 
I am sure you can get at least one correct... out of 3... 


  1. wow, a good way to start the new year! Happy New Year!

  2. erm let me guess. that's your son and you? the left pretty girl with the mum on the right side. another pair would be right girl with mum on the left...

  3. OMG!! Gangnam style?? not again!! it's so 2012.. it's 2013 now lah, hahaha!!

  4. blee: yes..food!!

    fish: wahhh...

    sk: SK style in 2013!!!

  5. Haha gangnam style! Btw happy 2013! :D:D

  6. Haha gangnam style! Btw happy 2013! :D:D

  7. Hehehe..... The younger generation really grows up! I thought they are still kids......

  8. This looks very very fancy, but not lacking in fun! You and your girl are just beautiful, someday soon it may be her wedding!!

  9. Wah...Andy's drawn to the pretty girls like ant to sugar, bee to honey... LOL!!! When are you inviting me to a dinner like this? When? When?

  10. Juin: yeah, i must learn it up!

    chris: didnt you notice? our hair getting thinner.. hahaha...

    ginny: hopefully... some day.. :)

    stp: we had our younger days fun too.. :) Dont worry.. sure u will get invitation if any of my kids ties the knot and vice versa!

  11. it is also an perfect occasion to catch up with cousins and friends in a wedding dinner like this..

  12. cool .. aunty also perform gangnam style...
    it means everyone love psy

  13. Looking good there Claire! Happy New Year to you :D

    I can match that handsome young dude to that gorgeous Claire lah!

  14. Nice wedding to start off the New Year. Wow, 3 Charlie's Angels, hehehe!!...

  15. agnes: you are very right.. some of them I have not even met before! :)

    simpleperson: must keep up with the trend!

    merryn: which one...which one!!

    irene: hehehe.. Old Charlie's Angels...

  16. best of luck for them,
    that old lady dancing gangnam style was so adorable
    did you dance too

  17. no, I didnt go upstage.. just tapping legs.. hahaaa..

  18. the entertainment looks very ho tuck yi wor...wish you had recorded a video of it to post here

  19. kathy: yeah hor.. why I never thought of it.. !

  20. The young generation is indeed young, the old generation doesn't look old at all.

    By the way, Claire, I have been missing you from the comment in my blog.

  21. I miss attending wedding dinners sometimes. I always enjoy looking at the pretty brides. Heehee!


Thank you, readers!

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