Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scrumptious Wedding Dinner

Yesterday's post was about the "entertainment" by guests... and today's post will be about the food in this restaurant Hei Loi Tang in Ipoh here. This is my first time eating in this restaurant and obviously, it will not be accurate to give a review based on one-time visit, furthermore with the mass production, one cannot expect the food to be so well done.... 
Maybe we were too hungry by the time the first dish arrived...
the food was finished to the brim within minutes.. hahaha...
See how hungry we were.... 
someone couldn't wait while I was taking a picture during the 2nd dish...
my son's favourite steamed chicken...
Sweet sour prawns.... I took only one by then....
a vegetarian dish...
Steamed Sea Bass..... I like this dish....
Dinners normally end with either noodles or rice..
in this case, glutinous rice.. very tasty...
Lastly and not least... the desserts came out with the soya bean drink..
Well... how was the dinner?
Ask Andy... his smile says it all, right?  :)


  1. The food looks good but of course, it depends on how much it was stable. If expensive, naturally people would expect much more quality...

  2. stp: yeah.. nowadays weddings are not cheap, not like during my time.. :)

  3. Wow......look at the food! So sumptuous!

  4. kathy: one day we go there? :)

    chris: wanna come back and we go?

  5. All the food are making me hungry! : )

  6. This all looks very good, and the dessert is too pretty to eat! Just take pictures of it!

  7. foong: me too.. :)

    ginny: they are lotus dumplings..

  8. Good start off the New Year with so much scrumptious food. Droolinggg!!!..

  9. I always like to attend wedding in Ipoh.. the food is always delicious and nice...

  10. The food looks great except for the prawns coz they looked mushy. I was kinda expecting the prawns to be tualang too. Gosh I miss those delish "tai-tao-har".

  11. Interesting! I've never seen restaurants here serving steamed chicken for wedding dinners. I like the glutinious rice tho'. Yummy!

  12. irene: next time come by to IPOH!!

    sk: i thought KL has more fanciful dishes! I guess each state different style..

    gratitude: I love the big prawns head too.. but nowadays got to refrain.. :)

    shirley: so far, I have been to singapore wedding dinner once only and i love it too!

  13. that's indeed scrumptious most especially that shrimp dish


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