Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gold Attraction

While having dinner just now, I noticed that my mom was not wearing her usual gold cross around her neck.  Immediately I asked her what happened to the necklace and pendant that she normally wears.  She looked at me for a moment before replying that she had not been wearing the gold necklace with the cross for a few months already.  Instead she has planned to get a white gold necklace and cross, she feels safer that way after reading about so many cases of snatch thieves these days. She added that she will only wears her gold during special occasions.  Well, I guess it is safer than to be sorry actually, I myself do not wear anything real on me. :)

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  1. Oh dear, sounds bad! U can see the Indians in S'pore wearing huge chunks of gold jewelleries here during their festive holidays. The Chinese are more modest, just couple of pieces. Wonder what will happen if our Indian friends go over to M'sia....


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