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Let's Wallop At Home!

My first home cooked meal for my kids in 2013! Yes, finally I have managed to cook a meal for my three kids during this CNY!!  (A very rare occasion and achievement if you know me by now.... LOL... .)

Early morning I went to the market to get the fresh stuff that I need... fish, meat for soup, green vegetables and for desserts, we had Durians!! Well, each time Aaron comes back to IPOH, he will crave for this King of the Fruits... and he was so happy yesterday when he managed to buy the whole lot of 9 fruits for only RM40!  Good BUY, he said.. hahahaha... 

And now... what did this mama here cook for her three grownup kids?
Nai Bak... mini organic greens...
Steamed Talapia... it weighed over one kilogram.... only RM14...
Sweet flesh cos it was very fresh....
Fernie ate most of it including the fish head!
Mixed sourish vegetables... (chap choy)
ahhh...this one was "contributed" by my SIL.... love this dish very much!!
the meal is only complete when there is soup all round...
I boiled watercress vegetables...
with red dates, mutt choe (sweet dates) and dried oysters....
Aaron bought a "treasure box" for me...
Golden Chef New Zealand & Australian Abalone....
Slices of the abalone for the broccoli...
(this is not fine dining... naturally I failed in the deco!)
Durians for dessert and as for me, 
I love to take them together with my rice...
That's our lunch....
Come... say Cheese....
and  Let's Wallop!!


  1. much food. Now got durians meh? Thought AA gone back already?

  2. looks yummy to me! =DD
    abalone! give me some pls. =p

  3. nice, so generous your son. Got girlfriend already?

  4. chris: durians but not much leh..

    henry: got one more tin.. come IPOH? hahaha..

    stp: once he has, I will let you know.. hehehe...

  5. Bravo! Those dishes looked yummy Claire! =)

  6. That's a nice lunch. Oppss!!! favourite durians. Yummy!!!!!...

  7. second and third dish was i think were the best on this batch

  8. great! scrumptious meal! wah, got durian some more! I like that soup too.

  9. hayley: can do la.. hahaha...

    irene: now missing them too!

    mecoy: let me go and look now.. :)

    wenn: after all the heaty food, must drink cooling soup.. :)

  10. Mum!! Thanks for the superb lunch..Next round in March k! Go buy vege now first n keep the abalone for next lunch :)

  11. No kah? Come, come...suggest friend on Facebook lah!!! Quick, give a nudge... LOL!!!

  12. This is a feast! Would be too good for lunch, maybe dinner. I love talapia, and the organic greens look so pretty and good.

  13. Wa 4 people eat,already so "fong fu" ,,,,,some more got Abalone,some more got durian for dessert,,, geng betul lah..................

  14. very nice and indeed also very healthy meal you have cooked for the kids lah.. and who cares about the presentation?? as long as the food is nice, hantam saja lah, haha!! :D

  15. can tumpang makan or not? I want the lulian only LOL

  16. AA: You plan your menu first meanwhile then send it to me fast so that I can master it by then... hahaha...

    stp: how about you nudging AA for me?? hahahaa..

    ginny: Made me realize that we chinese do eat a lot too, right? :)

  17. sharon: yes.. lui lian!

    eugene: i have 2 big men in the house ma.. hahaha...

    sk: that's the way ah ah.. we like it.. ah aha..

    kathy: so when coming?? :)

  18. Wah, nice cooking dear! I want the abalone!!

  19. Good Claire! U r doing great and you cook very well too. I noticed the photos are beautifully taken. Nice shots there.

  20. Eat durian with rice? That's "grandma style of eating durian"

  21. shirley: me too.. i want more.. hahaa...

    ling: thanks for your great encouragement!

    teck: yes, yes.. I inherit it from my granny.. :)


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