Monday, February 18, 2013

Zento Is Making IT In IPOH

It was the evening of "chor pat" (8th day of CNY) when we went to celebrate a special occasion with my kids.  As usual, we abide to the request of the youngest one in the family and we know for sure that she would choose the LOOK EAST country for our meal..... Yes, the Japanese food as in Sushi Zento ...  :)
People were already sitting outside waiting for their number
when we reached around 6.30pm! 
Sushi Zento is really Making IT in IPOH...
Car parking was already full in front... 
Well, we have no choice but to wait for our turn .... 
For fifteen minutes we mingled outside... 
and my camera went into "action"
Someone is happily posing for me...
This place is called Festival Walk... 
Going to be Quite A Happening place soon....
Finally... we got our seats... 
 for the fifth time?  6th or 10th time?  LOL...
My girl's recommendations... 

Some varieties that we ordered.... 
And I couldn't keep track of how much rice I have actually consumed...
One thing I know for sure ... I told my girl that....
I wouldn't want to go to any Japanese restaurant for the next 3 months or more...
Her smile from "u" shape changed to "n" instantly...  hahahaa....


  1. i don;t wanna be too synonymous on my comments but i got to say this
    all those dishes seems really scrumptious

  2. i don;t wanna be too synonymous on my comments but i got to say this
    all those dishes seems really scrumptious

  3. Oh yummy food!! I notice younger people like Japanese food and older people prefer Chinese food. Luckily I like both haha!!

  4. mecoy: all japanese dishes.. :) u like those too?

    foong: you are absolutely right!! I guess you are neither too old nor young.. hahaha...

  5. Just love sushi. We eat it at least once a month.


  6. Ooooo...asparagus wrapped ion bacon. Yum! Yum! Yum! And that reminds me - Melissa's back for so long now and we have not dropped by the Zen here... No connection, I'm sure.

  7. filip: that's great.. hope you can post up in your blog too!

    stp: Zento is a franchise, I think.. i saw one in Butterworth and i heard it is in Klang too.. Zen, not so sure :)

  8. New Japanese restaurant? The food looks delicious, how about the price?

    I can have Japanese food once a week (I would prefer alternate day), only if my pocket is loaded, hehehe!

  9. aiyoyo, the food looks very delicious!! no wonder your girl is never tired of going there again and again!! love the bacon and also that "pile" of orange-y things on the 3rd photo, what is that ah??

  10. Wow, wow, so much varieties of Japanese food. My kids would love them heaps but not me.

  11. come pair your girl with me.. anytime Jepun! even my girl also request that each time you ask her what to eat.. :p

  12. sharon: for me, so so only...

    yvonne: you can shake hands with my girl.. :)

    sk: that is volcano something.. the orange in colour is mayo with salmon.. :)

    irene: both of us same era ma.. hahaha..

    jessicat: yes, something for the younger generation! :)

    cyn: wow.. so young she knows already? so clever!

  13. Barb, this is near to Tesco Ipoh Garden... er.. behind the MH hotel, just after the toll...

  14. This restaurant is a hit in Ipoh now. My wife already went there for 4 times since last month.

  15. Was it expensive?? I am like you and won't be able to eat Japanese food so often.


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