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The Transformation Before And After 12 Years

It was a night of fun and laughter after our Zento dinner.... With the camera tripod and a timer, the four of us took lots of pictures and we ended our photo session with the below "Before And After" of the Four Of Us!

If not mistaken, it was Andy who suggested that we take a picture together...
Seated at the same place and with the same gestures and poses....
Only difference is that the below .....
picture was taken in 2001....

and now in 2013

The Great Transformation....
12 years down the line...
Here we are... all grown up... (including me!)
Hope to capture another "transformation" in another 12 years time! 


  1. I still miss the boy-boy Aaron! Now not cute already!

  2. How cute to have these two photos. Amazing how quickly they grow, isn't it?

  3. That's a great idea to have transformation photo taken. Somehow or other, they still retain most of the features. Not much change except from teenagers to adults. Good job done.

  4. chris: if still cute, then something wrong la.. hahha...

    patty: yes, time flies.. :)

    irene: yeah, somehow or other, the features are there.. :)

  5. WAH SEI! Claire! You didn't look like you age much le. haha

    LOL looks like the pillow has aged into a Garfield plushie

  6. eric, you are very observant! yes, inside the package is the garfield face.. :)

  7. nice photo!!! damn u looked same exactly 12 years ago photo >.> got Andy Lau genetics!

  8. ...and mummy still looks like 12 years ago wor. Still young and fresh!

  9. you look exactly the same 12 years ago and 12 years later now!! your boys also didn't change much, your girl surely grown up a lot, and maybe because her hair is different too..

  10. Haha lovely! I wish to take similar photos too, got to go dig my old albums now, hehe..

  11. LOL!!! Still the same! The happy smiles will always be there. Great mum!

  12. that's nice! all grown up but you still look the same, forever young.

  13. Actually, you all look much better NOW!! So you have not only stopped the clock, you have kind of turned it back.

  14. kianfai: you made my day! :)

    andrew: fresh? hahahaha.. wait till u see me in real.. the lines are more than the railway.. hahaha..

    sk: girls are known for *18* peen.. :)

  15. hayley: go and dig out now.. hahaha..

    stp: that time just a smile.. no advertising for colgate! haahah..

    wenn: thank you!... ok, next time my treat?? :)

    ginny: how sweet of you! thank you.. i wish i could turn back the clock though..

  16. Fennie is so cute when she was small. Now she is a sweet and pretty young lady. Love the pics.

  17. NICE!! and 12 years on.. you might have extra member in the photo jor.. hehehe..

  18. You even looked younger than the previous pixz. Kids have grown up and lui tai 18 pin for Fennie love her evergreen smile always..;).

  19. ling: lui chai sap pat peen, right? :)

    cyn: hehehe... myself dont know still got teeth or not.. hehehe..

    bananaz: thank you wor... when coming ipoh to makan leh? :))

  20. responding to your comment in my post..

    you can actually try this free software to resize, edit and touch up your photos.. awesome features and i'm sure you'll love it!! or click on the "apps: FREE photo editing tool" link located at my sidebar..

  21. Thank you SK!! I will certainly do that!

  22. i would also love to do this on our old pictures but it was just that i cant find any hahah

    by the way that's a lovely photos

  23. Wakakakakaka! I love these photos and you guys are funny to think of that. SO creative. You have a very happy family.

  24. all still so lengchai lenglui and leng mummy

  25. mecoy: thank you! u should too.. hahaha..

    TM: the younger ones have better ideas! :)

    kathy: hai mai kah??? hahahaa...

  26. awww....this is so sweet Claire. precious photos :)


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