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His Advice Is Compressed And Immobility

Early this morning I was awakened by my hp ringing... "Breakfast arriving in 5 minutes!" .. my sister's voice sprang on... Quickly I hopped up from bed, limped down the stairs carefully, one step at a time.... true enough, she arrived with a packet of "chee cheong fun" in hand.  Thank you, sis..

After my breakie and some slight household chores, I went to see my regular doctor... one look at the swell of my leg, he said that I must have twisted it quite badly.. he even demonstrated how I twisted it.. lol.... He mentioned that my ligament is badly bruised or "dislocated" or something like that... and my leg needs to be "Compressed and Immobility" mode.  (meaning no exertion and pressure on leg)  Given two days medical leave and to go back on Monday to see him again...

But I was very disobedient... I drove for two hours before I finally got home to rest  my weary legs.... hmmmm.... time to "hang up" my leg now... :)
"Hanging up leg"


  1. haha don't be stubborn claire
    follow your doctor to be healed

  2. Speedy recovery to you Claire!

  3. haiyoh, don't be stubborn lah, you must rest your legs totally!! don't do anything and just lie on bed like a log, let your sis "fook see" you for few days, haha!!

  4. Oh dear, what happened? Ouch! Better take care & not run around too much.

  5. Ello cannot be ti ki *iron tooth* don't play play no geh geh lai

  6. Best not to get it wet during shower. Tie plastic bag around the foot with rubber band at the ankle and for insurance purpose use two plastic bags.

  7. mecoy: yes sir!

    hayley: thank you! :)

    sk: yes, tomorrow onwards, hang up my leg.. :)

  8. bananaZ: wahhh..what language is that? hahaha.. insurance purpose? mana boleh claim??

  9. Aiyor, must kwai kwai liaw. Don't play play. Seems so serious. Take care & get well soon. God Bless!!!!...

  10. take it slow and easy Claire! your leg need good rest.

  11. Speedy recovery ya. Be extra careful and take a good rest, else it drag very long.

  12. shirley: yeah, wish I could run again soon!! my badminton has to be put on hold for many months now..

    vicky: thank you.. yeah, that is what I am afraid..

    agnes: yes, it does... i better not go here and there.. .

    irene: yes, Madam!!!

  13. sharon: yeah, i know i shouldnt but i couldnt help it.. no choice..

  14. Not claiming sister!!!For insurance means in case the other plastic bocoh got one more layer protecting your foot from getting wet haha

  15. My sister just fell down from my stairs 10 mins ago after she missed the last step. What a coincidence story. I gave her special deep relief oil from US and hope her ankle will not swell. I hope you will get well soon and please walk lesser lah.

  16. bananaz: now i see what you meant!! :)

    TM: oh dear, sorry to hear that! sometimes accidents do happen when we least expect it to.. sigh..


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