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Watch Your Steps, Lady!

Wordless Wednesday as some blogs post up on this day... but as for me, it is a OUCH OUCH day...

Very early this morning I went for my breakie in a not-so-familiar food court.  It was quite crowded and most of the tables were occupied... Instead of looking for a table first, my eyes were up on the stalls' banners .... doing just that, I paid the price... cos....

All of a sudden, my right leg twisted and I came tumbling down on the floor...then only I realized that there was actually small step down... Oblivious of others looking, I limped towards a table and began rubbing the sore area...
By lunch time, it was just too painful ..
and I came by here to do the "inevitable."
 "sucking wind" out...
and then the sinseh "twisted" my leg ...
left, right, round and round...
the mulberry bush
...then he put some medicine on the affected area 
and wrapped it up round till it looks huge like this...
Hope this works... :)


  1. Oh my God... It's swollen. Be more careful next time. Get well soon.

  2. Ouch!! painful lah. Take good care of yourself and get well soon.

  3. oh gosh that was the second time around claire i told you to be careful
    but then accidents like this were inevitable im glad that there's nothing major injuries were coz by that
    get well soon

  4. OMG!! must settle down first before you start looking for food lah.. get well soon, and now you have to avoid many food already..

  5. OUCH! Take some painkiller if cannot tahan ok...

  6. irene: i will... thanks!

    mecoy: thank you.. next time i wear protective gear..

    sk: esp nuts!! no nuts and eggs!

    wk: so far, boleh tahan.. hehehe..

  7. It looks very severe. take more rest and get well soon!

  8. I hope it will be better very very soon! Take care Claire.

  9. I hope it will be better very very soon! Take care Claire.

  10. Take care claire.. In the meantime you have to rest a lot

  11. Hope you get well soon. Take good care and have enough rest for your feet.

  12. I'm so sorry!!! What is this thing, Claire, I have never seen anything like it. We don't have such a thing here.

  13. aiyoh ! you really have to be more careful eh...

  14. Oh dear! The wrapped up version sure looks bad. But hopefully the medicine and the treatment work!! Get well soon!!

  15. Oh me oh my!!! Not young anymore...have to be very very careful especially women - bones may be more brittle. I'm also having some problem right now - post coming up on Sunday... Sobsss!!!!

  16. you better take MC to rest. dun play play. at this age bone is ver brittle. take care

  17. Take care and get well soon :)

  18. oh dear.....claire...pls take care. Dun take sour stuffs. This is what I've heard.

  19. Thank you all... sorry for not replying individually... yes, Doctor said immobility on the legs will be better.. so I think I better sit still and blog! :)

  20. Ouch...must rest well. Don't FB and blog so much if not *spanks spanks**

    speedy recovery Claire.

  21. Oh no not again. Nei ho ho po chung take care.

  22. ling: ouch ouch!!!

    kathos: thank you.. i will :)


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