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My Day At The Gym And Padang Brown, Penang

I MENTIONED EXERCISE IN MY PREVIOUS POST... Yes, I really did some...  not heavy and vigorous but just an hour on the pedaling and on the treadmill.  Sweating profusely or not is another matter... hahahaha...   To show that I really Walk The Talk, here are two pictures that shows me in the gym... Yeah, besides the pedaling and treadmill, I did some line dancing by myself... And the two red ones are the dumbbells... *wonder why they call such* Reminded me that my arms are getting flabby and heavy...  But I got to be careful that they don't fall on my poor legs! After that one hour of those tough tasks, it is time to reward myself...  With FOOD! Went to the Padang Brown food court....  Chose some varieties and here was what I got....  Yes, more greens than meat here... And a few sticks of these... just a few cos I like the sauce... A mixture of the peanut sauce and ginger... nice combination....  Fast forward to the evening...  I had this at Kimber

Basic Starts To A Small Business

In our world economy today, starting a small business is encouraged and advisable, taking small steps at a time is the best way to begin.  Starting a business is like climbing a mountain, the basics are there, it may look daunting at the beginning but focus on taking it one step at a time and soon before you know it, you will soon reach your goal. Here are some basic steps that will give you an idea on how to start a business, taking you through each of of the key stages to start-up process, from evaluating your business ideas and choosing a right company name, to designing logos, business cards and signboards and finally, getting ready to launch. 1.  Business Idea You have a great proposal coming and you are encouraged and optimistic that it is going to work but you have no idea to turn that dream into a tangible reality. 2.  Budget And Expenses By now you should be able to know how much you need to start off your business, fixed expenses for the first few months, make

Flights to Asia’s Best Summer Destination

                Summer is just across the corner. As a tropical continent, Asia become a famous tourism destination in summer. Not only for tourist from around the world but also Asian citizen as well. Asia is famous of its summer destination because of its beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, green environment and one of the most important this is cheap flight. Have you decided where to go in summer? If you have not decided yet, then here is top 5 summer destination around the Asia: Kata No i Beach, Karon, Thailand Kata Noi Beach located in west coast of Phuket, Thailand. Kata Noi beach is a part of Karon long stretch white sand beach and clear sea water which is the famous destination among tourist. It’s a popular beach destination for couple and families vacation. You can use Traveloka to get a cheap flight to Thailand will be advantage. There are some palm tree lined along the beach makes the scenery even more lovely. Many great restaurant available around Kata Noi B

Balik Kampung At 1st Avenue And Sg Pinang Food Court

IT IS ALL ABOUT FOOD, WALK, FOOD, WALK IN PENANG.... Oh, I am talking for myself... my routine is just like waking up, eat.... walk.... blogging... exercise... eat... walk... sleep and it seems each day is more or less than same.  Sounds perfect to me, I am easily contented.  As long as my pension ringgit can stretch for one whole month, I am satisfied but of course, it could not stretch that long... hahahahaa. .  It breaks off half way through all the time and I have to eat less after that!  That explains why I could not put on weight at certain time of the month.... So when I say I am not free to go out at certain time, that means I have to tighten my stomach... hahahahaa... . One fine afternoon, we spent a couple of hours walking at 1st Avenue...  Some Raya decor was already up...  Balik Kampung theme...  Jom! Balik Kampung...  But I was still in Penang then...  Eating in food court might be less costly.... provided I take only the main meal... For that eveni

Wedding In Comfort And Style With Limousine Royalty

Summer is here, love is in the air and an engagement may have just taken place in your life.  The moment you answered Yes... and now is the time that the Big Day of your life begins to take place.  It is the time where craziness planning begins!  Alright, forget the craziness part, I am just kidding... Weddings are beautiful moments and preparations made for your wedding is going to be an Exciting Adventure!  For ladies, it is finally time to unleash those wedding ideas you have been secretly pining for and now you are going to make it happen.  For the bridegroom (can't leave him out) ... well, all he needs to do is to prepare the Budget, how much he is going to unleash from his bank account to make to the Big Day happen in every beautiful way!  Alright, to be fair, it takes both the couple to plan and to decide... here are a few pre-wedding tips... 1.   Set a Budget This is a Must discussion between both of you or your family.  Before you write down your expenses, discuss over

Durian Ice Kacang And Laksa In Kek Seng Coffeeshop, Penang

BACK TO PENANG after a weekend getaway to Hatyai. It was quite tiring since the journey took around four hours to reach the island and the next day, we decided to take things easy.  After a late wake-up call, we had something light from the market opposite our place.  I really must rest my stomach before indulging into something "hot" again... I thought I would be able to refrain from any spicy soup after the Hatyai trip... Alas, it was not so..... Temptation seeped in again when someone mentioned that this coffeeshop served the Best Laksa and Ice Kacang in Penang town!  Really or not.... ???  Well.......  let's go!! It was a weekday and lunch time was over...  The place looked kind of quiet and "homely-like"....  Don't judge the "environment" by its cover....  Alright, what is good here? Kek Seng Home Made Durian Ice Cream????  Oh my... Must TRY!! But first... a bowl of laksa to start off....  No exeggeration... This la

Getting Ready for your Vacation – Making a checklist

The family holiday is a welcome break for all, yet it can also be quite stressful, trying to ensure that nothing important is forgotten. The best way to make sure that everything is covered is to compile a checklist. Passport and Visa Travel documents should be checked and kept somewhere safe, as going anywhere without them is nigh on impossible and should not be left to chance! This goes for the whole family, and these should be kept with air tickets and insurance documents. Medication If any members of the travelling party are currently taking medication, it is essential to bring an ample supply. If the medication is by prescription, that should included too, as it might be a problem entering a foreign country with certain restricted medicines. Credit Cards and Travellers Cheques Make sure these are somewhere safe, preferably in the same location as the passports and air tickets. Carrying large amounts of cash is not recommended, and there will be many places where trave

My Wonderful Travel Hints That Will Maximize Your Experience

When you are planning a vacation , you need to make sure you think about the important things. It’s vital to ensure that your travel experience is a memorable one for the right reasons. And that's why you need to follow my ideas on this post. I travel a lot so I have picked up hints and tips that can prove useful for travelers everywhere. Take a look at these ideas, and try to use them as much as you can to maximize your vacation and travel experience. Going away is all about enjoying yourself as much as possible, and I hope my advice can help you with this. Flickr   Choose Your Airport During the booking process, you’re going to need to make sure you choose the right airport . And this is important because different airports offer different advantages. The best bet is to try to choose somewhere that's fairly close to where you live. It should be an airport you are familiar with and understand the layout of. Choosing the right airport can have a big bearing on how s

Last Minute Shopping Before Leaving Hatyai

THE VERY NEXT MORNING AFTER OUR BUFFET BREAKFAST AT THE HOTEL, we took the Tut-tut to the market which was just a ten minutes drive away.  We have a few hours to while away in the market, that is where our goodies were bought...  Yes, most of the stuff belongs to my girl, no new clothing though, just a backpack, dry foodstuff and a set of Zebra thermos.  That is the most worth buying item, I can say...... No pictures on the market..... but on the way back in the Tut-Tut cab, we saw this....  A group of pretty ladies were singing on the road.... Not sure they are singing or rapping or promoting something...  But they sure look like they were enjoying themselves...  Back at the hotel, we packed up our stuff and checked out....  It was about noon and our transport would only arrive around 3pm... With a few hours more to go, we checked out the shopping complex just beneath the hotel.... Security at the entrance....  There was some event going on, something like T

Fiery Hot Tomyam And Massage In Hatyai

A VERY LIGHT DINNER AFTER ALL THE TASTING OF THE NEWBIES AT THE NIGHT MARKET... We went to a corner coffeeshop, situated just at the entrance of the night market.  After some pointing and broken spoken Mandarin, we managed to get what we wanted... A clear meehoon soup with fish balls...  Fine with me...  Then my eyes saw something nice on other tables.... TOMYAM! One must not leave Hatyai without trying that! Innocent Looking Tomyam with seafood treasures beneath.... The soup was fantastic.... Fiery hot and sour....  Tomyam at its fullness... Took two bowls of that... and felt my stomach on fire.... That taught me a lesson...must never take too spicy during the night! Washed down the fiery-ness with Sticky Rice and Mango....  By the time we finished our dinner, it was almost 9pm... Time to go for a Massage before the shops are closed... To end the night, we had one hour and a half of massage on our weary legs, hands and shoulder....  Cost 400 baht

Night Market Along Lee Garden Plaza Hotel, Hatyai

BY THE TIME WE REACHED THE HOTEL, it was almost dark. This time round, we took a longer rest in the hotel... my girl might not need it but I certainly did!  After recharging around 80% of my body strength, we were ready to explore the streets again. Our hotel is really a strategic spot for us tourists.  The street vendors were all ready to boost their sales in front, at the side and along the whole stretch of street where we stayed.  Left, right, front... the place was filled with people and tourists like us... I could hear some of them speaking my dialect, we felt kind of at home instead of being tourists.... Besides the street vendors in front of the hotel, there was a night market just five minutes walking distance away from our hotel, Lee Garden Plaza.... Maybe they only opened during the weekends?  I am not sure about that.. .anyway, we were kind of excited to see all the bright lights along the street.... Come... Let's Go! We started from the beginning of the str